DC Icons The Flash figure review

As the other half of CW’s dynamic duo, The Flash has taken superhero TV shows to another level. As a longtime Barry Allen fan, it’s cool seeing him featured on such a consistently great series.

That likely had a role in The Flash getting the A-list hero spot in DC Collectibles second wave of its new Icons line. Let’s see if Flash earns a first place finish with his latest figure.

Packaging: You know the deal at this point. Clean white box with the character respective accent color and the character logo in the O. The back of the packaging continues to bother me with its dull design, but the side packaging helpfully indicates this look is based on Chain Lightning.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -side packageI’m somewhat confused by the Chain Lightning reference as Wally West was The Flash during that storyline unless it’s also been used for a new 52 story. Either way, this is definitely the Barry Allen version of the character.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -inner trayI’ve seen this happen a couple of times now so with Flash you’ll want to cut away at the package to prevent the wingtips getting broken if you try and push the figure out of the inner tray.

Likeness:  Seeing the classic Flash costume was chosen for the figure was one of my main reasons for getting into the Icons line.

Batman’s had enough looks that while it’s not my preferred 70s yellow oval look it’s fine and Green Lantern’s costume is essentially the same minus the lining, but Flash’s classic attire can’t be improved upon. Flash’s current new 52 look is ghastly and makes Superman’s outfit look spectacular by comparison.Anyway, this is the sleek, red and yellow costume longtime Flash fans envisioned with the continued DC Icons commitment to unique sculpting. All of the lighting lines, logo and mask holes are sculpted attention to unique sculpting.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -close up

I’m not seeing a lot of series designer Ivan Reis’ work in the head sculpt and this one may be a bit more serious than I consider with Barry Allen.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -laid back boot tread

The boots are fittingly Flash sized and the bottom even features the tread. Kid Flash and the Wally West Flash will likely be sporting those, but it’s great to see DCC focusing on those minor yet important details.

Scale: As you can see, Barry stands taller than Batman and Green Arrow, but lines up at about the same height as Green Lantern. Flash is probably a hair taller than I’d like, but that really depends on how he lines up with the next series.

Wave 3 featuring Superman and Aquaman is going to be important for the series’ scale consistency. Superman should at least be as tall as Flash and GL since it’s a given we’ll have more than one Batman.

I had the bright idea of taking the Alex Ross Justice League 8: Captain Cold Action Figure head and hood top on the undersized Mattel DC Universe Captain Cold Figure. Turns out the smaller DC Classics Captain Cold looks like it’d fit in perfectly with this Flash so if you still have him you’ve already got one Rogue to battle Flash.DC Icons The Flash figure review -with Green Lantern vs Solomon Grundy

You can also have some fun with the larger sized DC Classics like Solomon Grundy and Gorilla Grodd. I really hope Grodd is on the DC Icons radar as we have yet to get a great figure of one of DC’s main villains.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -racing around Gorilla GroddPaint: I’m grading on a slight curve given the higher degree of difficulty thanks to the sculpted lightning effects, but Flash sports a reasonably clean paint job. Since most of the body was molded in red plastic, the lightning, logo and face are the important elements to consider. Beyond some minor yellow overspray points, the belt is really well done.

We saw this with the Green Lantern figure with the gloves not being able to hold the white paint at the joints and that’s also the case with Flash’s yellow boots.DC Icons The Flash figure review -racing off with Flash, Green Lantern, Batman and Green Arrow

Articulation:  Of the now five Icons figures I’ve opened, Flash wins best articulation for me by far. I was pretty impressed to be able to get him in running poses unaided by stands or carefully arranged props.

The figure has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • torso
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle

DC Icons The Flash figure review -on pure white backdropAfter my frustrating experience with Deadman’s seams coming apart and Green Lantern’s floppier than normal biceps, I was ecstatic that Flash was free of any defects. The joints were tight, but not so restrictive I was afraid to play around with the figure.

You won’t be able to get that racing starting block position, but for pretty much everything else you can consider, you’ll be able to do. I didn’t find myself missing the thigh articulation at all here and really just want DCC to add more up and down movement so Barry could look up while he’s running.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -hand set

Accessories: The extra pair of hands are especially useful this time as we get a straight/karate chop/running hand to go along with the open right hand and left fist. That’s my kind of hand variety and perfect for the character.DC Icons The Flash figure review -instructions

Additionally, we get one of Barry’s signature elements — his cosmic treadmill. This is the largest of the non-deluxe accessories we’ve gotten so far.

It’s probably a bit smaller than I’d like, the version that came with the DC Direct Deluxe Action Figure Set Flash and Kid Flash was a bit bigger and higher off the ground, but this one has a foot peg. That’s especially useful for running poses and Flash fits on it well so you shouldn’t have to worry about him toppling over while on it.

Worth it? At $25, the value is about a draw. You’re getting what you pay for with the unique sculpting on every figure, some useful smaller accessories and individual more complex accessories. But you’re paying slightly higher as this is a specialty line. Get these figures for closer to $20 and you’re coming out a bit ahead.

DC Icons The Flash figure review -main pic

Rating: 10 out of 10

This is exactly what I hope DCC offers with each of its Icons figures going forward. Great articulation, unique sculpting and useful accessories. I’m stoked for Superman and Aquaman to join the fold come February. Now we just need some more villains for them to battle.

Where to get it? Support your local comic book store to grab them in person or grab them from some of the Lyles Movie Files affiliates. Order DC Icons Flash Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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