Marvel Legends Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Radioactive Man figure review

Showing a willingness to explore various options to get collectors more Marvel figure goodness, Hasbro launched Marvel Legends three-packs starting late last year with the Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Radioactive Man set.

With a loose theme of Avengers vs. villain, we get different universe versions of Ms. Marvel and Captain America squaring off against Radioactive Man. At least this is a pretty fair fight. It took me awhile to track down this set, but I finally got around to opening it. Going in, I had high hopes for two of the three so let’s see if they lived up to my expectations.

Packaging: The Marvel Legends packaging isn’t the most dynamic or interesting. Again, the best aspect of the box is the artwork on the side. In a departure from my regular complaint with the line, the bios on the back actually provide some worthwhile info on the respective characters. Still, over a year in using the same packaging style, I’d like to see Hasbro change it up a bit even if it’s just swapping the red accent colors out for something else.

Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Radioactive Man close upLikeness: Radioactive Man is more of a bruiser type, but Hasbro sculptors thankfully showed restraint by giving him width instead of height. As a result we get one of the better looking villains since Hasbro took up the license. After playing around with him a bit, a grabbing/open hand is about the only thing I could have possibly wanted the figure lacks. This is another right from the comic to my villains shelf figure. He looks great and just as bulky and broad as I envisioned.

Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Cap close up straightCaptain America comes ready for action even if he’s the one I’m easily the least interested in with this set. This seems to be a cross of the regular and Ultimate Marvel Universe Cap with the grey panels and stars on his shoulders while the wings painted along the head is more of a new look for the regular MU Cap.

Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Cap holsterThe ammo belts and shoulder straps are well done with some nice distinction between the various pouches. While you could, neither are meant to come off.

His arms seem slightly stubby though with the forearms giving Cap a bit of a Popeye appearance. I really like the eyebrows sculpted in the eyeslots and how the masked and unmasked head sculpts look like the same person.

Ms. Marvel is pretty much neck and neck with Scarlet Witch for the best female head sculpt in the line. The Toy Biz sculpt was one of my favorites in the line, but this one is even better. Mind you, it’s not by a wide margin, but enough to warrant updating Ms. Marvel.Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -portrait Ms. Marvel

The expression is terrific capturing Carol Danvers’ fun and games are over battle mindset. The body, a repaint of the Moonstone from the Marvel Legends Thunderbolt Set SDCC 2013 Comicon Exclusive
box set was the perfect choice particularly if you’re a fan of Frank Cho’s more powerful and less waif-like look for the character.

Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -scale trio

Scale: Each of the three fit in seamlessly with your existing ML collection. Ms. Marvel stands about eye level to Cap while both will be looking up to Radioactive Man.

Paint: Ms. Marvel takes the biggest hit in this category. The black plastic used for the figure doesn’t always play nicely with the flesh paint resulting in some weak coverage, especially around the thighs and rear end.

There was some odd black paint on both of Ms. Marvel’s side boobs, which was a weird choice. On the bright side, the paint on the headsculpt is nice and clean.

Captain America has a solid if not particularly exciting paintjob. Similar to Ms. Marvel, Cap’s got some paint issues in the midsection. Given the red and white stripes, I figured bleeding and overspray would be the problem. Instead, it’s stray black marks in the white sections.  I wish Hasbro could have figured out a way to keep the star lined up as it only looks correct from one position. The ammo belt has a nice wash to bring out the sculpted details.

Radioactive Man has a cool translucent appearance. I am a sucker for translucent figures even when it’s not totally appropriate such as this instance. This is likely the best possible way Hasbro could mimic the glowing radiation visual.

Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Radioactive Man fistThe shoulders are the main area that reminds you this is a toy, but it works in this case. The effect is helped since the entire figure isn’t translucent.

The painted shirt is somewhat of a weird transition to the molded skirtpiece, but Hasbro did a good job matching the colors up. The chest logo seems to be a common issue and mine had some missing paint there as well. The eyes needed to be a bit more vibrant as the irises typically get lost under normal lighting.

Articulation:  All three of the figures sport the regular quality ML articulation. Unlike some of my other figures, all three had nice and tight joints and could strongly hold their poses. That’s a pretty good feeling after fiddling around with floppy joints and limp parts.The trio has:Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Ms. Marvel ready to fly

  • neck
  • shoulder
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • bootcuff
  • ankle (hinge and ball-jointed)

All three moved around great. Ms. Marvel reminded me again that I need to get some flight stands for my flying characters. Cap was surprisingly fun and with the harness/shield strap setup, I kept simulating him parachuting in to help his teammates. Radioactive Man’s skirt is expertly done so it doesn’t impair any of his articulation.

Accessories: The set doesn’t come with many extras beyond Captain America, who naturally has his shield, but he also comes with an unmasked head.

The unmasked sculpt looks a bit too Alex Ross with serious age lines across Cap’s face. Otherwise, it has a stern focused expression as if he’s preparing to rally the troops for battle.


Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Radioactive Man pulling shieldThe shield clips on to Cap’s wrist solidly enough and also plugs into a hole in his back. It’s nice and secure and doesn’t come off with light … or even medium handling.

Radioactive Man and Ms. Marvel don’t have a lot of obvious accessory options, but it does seem a bit sparse for just one character to have accessories.

Worth it? Currently you can get the set for under $40. That’s about right for three figures with minimal accessories and no Build-A-Figure piece. And while most collectors only really wanted Radioactive Man and Ms. Marvel, Cap isn’t a bad figure and is a decent stand-in until the Civil War wave classic version is released.Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Ms. Marvel and Cap vs Radioactive Man

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

While I didn’t have any desire for Ultimate/616 Cap, it’s an underrated solid figure. Ms. Marvel and Radioactive Man are why you’re getting the set and they don’t disappoint even with the random paint issues.Marvel Legends three-pack Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man -Ms. Marvel wide

Where to get it? Like I mentioned earlier, the absolute best bet is to get it from Lyles Movie Files’ affiliate partner
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