Thor Marvel Legends figure review – BAF The AllFather wave

Thor is another of my favorite Avengers. I love that he’s essentially the team’s big gun who bats cleanup when their most powerful foes have knocked everyone else out and Captain America has held him back in reserve.

Hasbro hasn’t made a lot of comic accurate Thor figures — he hasn’t even ranked a stand-alone figure line — but he was prominently featured as the A-lister in the first 2015 wave. Now let’s find out if this figure is worthy.

Packaging: When it comes time for packaging of the year, Marvel Legends won’t be on my short or long list. It’s a functional red and black color scheme, with the biggest amount of personalization the drawing along the side of the respective character. The bio portion is little more than a sentence and is overall very lackluster.

Marvel Legends Thor figure review -wide detail profile

Likeness: Thor looks ready for a serious throwdown. His expression has a lot of character with the expression looking like Thor has seen all his allies get beat down and he’s the last man Avenger or Asgardian standing and he’s got no intention of getting beat down.

There is a ton of great sculpting in the figure. Hasbro gets a lot of flak for body reuse, but this Thor has only been used once before with the Heroic Age Marvel Universe Thor Figure 6 Inches.

If you’re like me and didn’t get that version, there’s a lot of impressive sculpting here. From the circles connecting his cape, the leather straps and folds along the chest piece, the sculpted gauntlets complete with studs, the wraparound belt, boots and chain metal leg plating, Thor really comes across like a labor of love from Hasbro.

Scale: While I love his width and overall broadness, Thor is a real scale-breaker. Hasbro went a little over eager in terms of making Thor stand above his Avenger peers so he towers over everyone now with the exception of the Hulk. Marvel Legends Thor figure review - with Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye

The scale is so wonky Thor looks like he could be part of another line. Reducing his height by about two inches would make him fit in so much better.

Paint: All those sculpted parts means a more intricate paintjob. Fortunately, Hasbro was up to snuff on this end as well.

Marvel Legends Thor figure review - cape stampMy one thing, that’s been a consistent 2015 issue with the Marvel Legends figures is Hasbro’s awkward placement of the ID stamp. This time it’s right in the middle of Thor’s cape, which from a distance makes it look like a smear. Hasbro really needs to make that placement far less conspicuous.

Articulation:  Thor has a different body than than normal Marvel Legend, but he has most of the same useful articulation points.  Thor has:Marvel Legends Thor figure review -turning close up

  • neck
  • shoulder
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • bootcuff
  • ankle

Thor loses some of the side to side head movement thanks to the inner head wrap. His elbows really miss the double-joint articulation as they don’t sink in deep enough, which affects some of your posing with Mjlonir. Otherwise, this is a well-engineered figure with great articulation.

Marvel Legends Thor figure review - Mjolnir closeup

Accessories: Thor comes with three accessories. Mjolnir naturally, which has a good heft and fits snugly in his hands. I’m glad as I didn’t want to have to resort to tricks like superglue or rubber bands.

Marvel Legends Thor figure review -accessoriesHe also comes with a huge broadsword. I’m not clear if that’s for him or for the BAF Odin, but Thor holds that just as well. Mjolnir has some solid paint washes, while the sword is fairly plain.

Additionally, he comes with Odin’s left leg. It’s not nearly as flashy as some of the other figures, but you definitely need it.

Worth it? Thor is the popular figure in this assortment so if you can track him down for less than $20 you should do it. He’s worth the money and just for the amount of plastic and accessories, it feels worth the price.Marvel Legends Thor figure review -battling Hulk with Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

In a bubble, Thor would be one of my favorite figures of the year thanks to the great sculpting and overall impressiveness. The biggest issues are his height as he nearly is out of scale with the other Marvel Legends figures. The lack of range on the elbow articulation is another frustrating element, but overall this is a figure I’m happy to add in my collection. I’d love to see Hasbro take a crack at the classic attire with this amount of detail and a smaller scale.

Where to get it? Thor strangely is the most in-demanded figure from the BAF Odin wave. Most retailers have sold through this wave, but you order the full case from Entertainment Order Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 Case from Entertainment Earth!

Marvel Legends Thor figure review -fighting Wrecker

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