10 Worst Films of 2015

The year that was 2015 is a few more hours away from being over. Movie wise, there was a lot to love and loathe so while I’ll celebrate the films that made 2015 such a treat a bit later here’s the ones that had me most rethinking my choice of hobbies.

Honorable Mention:

San Andreas

San Andreas - Alexandra Daddario and Dwayne JohnsonThe Rock’s disaster porn movie really should have made the list, but at the very least it provided exactly what the trailers indicated — lots and lots of stuff getting destroyed and blown up real good. Also, Alexandria Daddario in tiny tank tops means it can’t be all that bad.

10. Love the Coopers

love-the-coopersHow hard is it to get a feel good Christmas ensemble right? Extremely if you forget the feel good portion and cram the film with unlikeable characters making for the ensemble you’d least want to spend the holidays let alone two hours with.

9. Terminator: Genisys

TERMINATOR GENISYSBeginning a theme prevalent through this list is the first of many unnecessary sequels preferring to tap into the goodwill of its predecessors instead of making worthwhile contributions to the series on its own merit. There’s a few good ideas in the latest Terminator, but too much just repeats what’s already been done better before and with far less confusing time travel plot twists.

8. Tomorrowland

George-Clooney-and-Britt-Robertson-in-Tomorrowland-2015-MovieBrad Bird (The Incredibles) is one of those filmmakers still capable of wowing and thrilling audiences, but his latest was a bit of a mess.  Buried down deep there’s a tremendous movie about a former child prodigy (George Clooney) forced to return to the creative paradise he was banished from years ago.

7. Maggie

Maggie-Movie-Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail BreslinHow can a film about zombies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger be this boring??? Not nearly as revelatory as intended, this drawn-out look at a soon to be zombie comes across stale, dull and appropriately lifeless.

6. Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business - Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco and Vince Vaughn paintballThe trailers tried to paint this as a Hangover meets Road Trip, but it’s a joyless, laughless 91-minute slog that feels like a 10-hour flight next to the bathroom. Only this film stinks far worse.

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