Macho Man Randy Savage Elite 38 review

Despite getting the largest array of wrestling superstars in figure form, Jakks was never able to secure the license of the iconic Macho Man Randy Savage. Mattel is more than filling that void with the Elite 38 figure, Macho’s fifth figure in Elite form and countless more in the Basic line.

This version is based off Macho’s match against Ric Flair at Bash at the Beach 1995, a pay per view actually fought on the beach. WCW had some pretty creative ppv concepts. Let’s see if this figure deserves to get washed away with the tide.

Packaging: I should mention again how glad I am that Mattel has a more dynamic packaging style for the Elite figures. Elite 38 was the last to have the blue and grey color scheme and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough for me.

I’ve noticed the real legends have a more informative bio card even if there’s still enough wasted space to include an actual write up. I always appreciate the reference picture and note on the figure’s ring attire.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -wide shotLikeness: With so many figures, Macho has benefited from a number of head sculpts. Unfortunately, Elite 38 has my least favorite with the stoic, calculating expression that doesn’t fit the more on edge persona that was the Macho Man.

My figure has the added “bonus” of having a poorly glued on hairpiece. While I think I can fix that with some hot water and regluing it, I wanted to show the as-is figure I opened.

The gritted teeth head sculpt last seen on the Ringside Exclusive nWo version is the most Macho Man of the options while the Elite 23 headsculpt has the best overall likeness.

Macho rocked an intricate shredded style outfit during his initial WCW run and Mattel sculptors had some problems faithfully capturing its look. The shredded portions look more like plastic lumps instead of fabric tears and the shift from the painted crotch area to plastic strips is disjointed.

As the rear package indicates, Macho typically wore a matching shirt he would occasionally keep on throughout his match and the figure looks half done without it.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -boot tasslesThis would have been a great time for Mattel to reuse the nWo or Elite 23 Macho shirts as they’re bulky enough to remove but capture the ring entrance attire appearance.

But a-ha, in checking the Bash at the Beach video, Macho didn’t actually wear his shirt in that battle against Flair and instead wore the matching shredded jacket.

Mattel might want to use actual photos of the match attire to show they’re more accurate than we might initially think.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -scale with Vader, Arn Anderson and The GiantScale: At 6’2″ Macho wasn’t the most physically imposing star and the figure captures his regular stature compared to some of his peers like the 6’5″ Vader.

Paint: There’s no bleed over with any of the plastic strips although as you might expect the yellow had a tougher time with the paint coverage. You can spot the black “seeping” through some of the yellow points if you feel the need to look real close on the figure.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review - punching GiantArticulation: Generally, I love the Elite articulation scheme. Occasionally, some of the more complex wrestling holds are hard/impossible to execute, but for the average wrestler everything they can do is conceivable with the figure.

For the most part that’s true with Savage although you won’t be able to get that vintage arms raised to the heavens while lining up the elbowdrop all that convincingly. That matter aside, Savage’s body buck has always proven to be nice and tight with the joints so excessive floppiness won’t be an issue.

Savage has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -preparing for elbowAccessories: While he really should come with more, Savage has a decent set of accessories.

He has his trademark glasses, which fit snugly into small holes in his hair and the match appropriate hat, which again is a nice tight fit. In lieu of a cloth or even rubber jacket, Savage comes with rib tape.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -accessoriesThat’s been included with a few figures in the Battle Pack line before, but it’s a pretty handy all-uses accessory. Although it definitely made me want a jean version DDP all the more.

Worth it? This one is tough considering we’re essentially getting an incomplete Macho Man from 95. We’ve seen other figures, like the APA in this set, come with all their necessary accessories and it seems off for the $21 Macho Man to feel like he’s missing too much. For the Elite line, some of those costs presumably is from the various accessories and I kept feeling this figure was lacking.

Rating: 6 out of 10

To really get Macho’s pre-nWo attire down, Mattel really needed to just make this a Defining Moment figure so the shirt and streamer jacket could be included. Essentially only for WCW fans that need a punching bag for their nWo figures, this is a Macho Man figure the casual collector can safely skip.

WWE Elite 38 Macho Man Randy Savage review -profile picWhere to get it? Elite 38 has most commonly been found at Walmart, but it shouldn’t be too long before they show up at other regular suspects like Target and Toys R Us.

Don’t feel like chasing Macho Man down? Grab him at here: WWE Elite Collection Series #38 -Randy Savage

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