Iron Fist Marvel Legends figure review

Danny Rand aka Iron Fist is one of those fun characters in the Marvel Universe. He’s a martial arts master and one of the pioneers in Marvel Comics from being one of the early heroes to be in an interracial relationship. And his BFF is Luke Cage, which makes Iron Fist the Michael Rappaport of the comics’ world.  I’m a big fan of the character.

Released as part of the Build-A-Figure The Allfather wave, Iron Fist gets an update (in spirit) of his former Toy Biz figure. That one essentially exploded on me so while I still favor the green and yellow classic outfit one way or another this was going to be my new default Iron Fist. Let’s see how quickly I’ll be clamoring for yet another update.

Packaging: Marvel Legends has at least been consistent with its packaging, which is nice for MOC collectors. The black and red looks classy and eye-catching, but the back package remains woefully underwhelming.

Beyond the lack of much by way of a character explanation — the one sentence bio isn’t exactly going to sell people on the character — you don’t really get a sense of everything that comes with the figure. That’s not so important with Iron Fist, but an accessory description overall would be nice.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -channeling ChiMarvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -chest and shoulder articulationLikeness: Iron Fist is one of those characters I consider to be ultra smooth. This figure is anything but as Hasbro went back to the bad body buck well for a character who really would benefit from the Black Panther body mold.

Instead, Iron Fist gets an outdated, ugly looking body with an unsightly gap at the shoulders, ball hip joints and blocky knees. There’s also the issue of the torso not fully lining up properly with the waist resulting in a gap. It would be concealed thanks to the sash, but it rides up too high drawing further attention to the gap and the sash’s ill-fit.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -fighting stanceThe body choice is unfortunate as this is otherwise a very sharp, eye-catching figure thanks to the predominantly white color scheme.

I like the head sculpt, which conveys focus and determination even with half the face concealed.

Scale: Iron Fist is right in line with the other regular sized characters even if his body parts make him stand out for all the wrong reasons – namely the shoulders and knees.Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -with Ronan and DaredevilPaint: Hasbro did a terrific job airbrushing some light blue accents. It’s not overwhelming and does exactly what it’s intended in providing some shading to the costume.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review - rearIron Fist sports an interesting pearlescent gold, which further helps the figure stand out. I don’t think I’ll get tired of that paint effect and it works especially great here. The center dragon matching Iron Fist’s chest tattoo is sharp with no issues as well.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -wide poseMy only complaint here is the black around my figure’s eyes weren’t fully covered. I think it’s something I can fix, but I’m a bit leery about messing around with eye painting.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -deep fighting stanceArticulation:  Here’s where the base body is most impacted as the articulation flow is more clickety and ratchety than the smooth, natural flow of movement you get from figures like Marvel Legends Infinite Series Daredevil 6″ Action Figure.  Iron Fist has:

  • neck
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review - heroic poseBesides the lack of shin articulation, everything you’d want is included. It’s that wonky articulation that screws the flow up though and makes posing somewhat awkward.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review - vs KlawAccessories: Iron Fist doesn’t have a lot of accessory options beyond possibly an energy burst to simulate channeling his chi. Hasbro opted to give the martial arts master three additional sets of hands. There’s two fists, karate chop, “monkey paw” and chi-channeling hands. Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -hand accessoriesThe pegs pop in and out easily and don’t appear like they’ll be a problem with snapping or getting loose over time. It’s not revolutionary, but they really up the fun factor and they’re an accessory far more useful than most. Excellent execution there.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review - Build a Figure Odin legAdditionally, the left leg for the Build-a-Figure Allfather Odin/King Thor is included. Along with Hawkeye and Thor, Iron Fist is the third figure you’ll need to buy twice if you want to build both King Thor and Odin.

Worth it? The outdated body makes the $20 price tag seem a bit like a stretch even with the terrific paintjob and useful accessories. Fortunately, you can get the figure for $15, which is a much better value.Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review -punching

Rating: 6 out of 10

If this figure was on the Daredevil/Black Panther body, it would have easily been one of my favorites of the wave if not the entire 2015 lineup. With an Iron Fist show eventually coming to Netflix chances are pretty good Hasbro will revisit this figure with the more advanced body or with the more traditional green attire.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure review - New Avengers

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