WWE Naomi Mattel Basic figure review

Naomi is one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE. Not so much because she’s so amazingly used on RAW or Smackdown, but due to being one of the more down to Earth and likable stars on Total Divas.

The show has done a far better job of making me invested in the Divas than any storyline on the actual wrestling shows. Naomi has had a figure released from Mattel, but it was based on her Funkadactyls gimmick with Cameron.

Now we get one set from her ongoing run as a solo act and 1/3 of Team BAD with Tamina and Sasha Banks. Let’s see if Mattel’s latest take on Naomi is any good.

Packaging: As underwhelmed as the old packaging style left me, I love the new packaging even for the Basic line. Each figure has a certain designation, in this case Divas, and color accent. There’s a nice big portrait of Naomi and the card does a great job of showcasing the figure.

I also like the layout on the back with the other figures in the line. It’s amazing how a little color dramatically improves packaging.WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -painted top

Likeness: More often than I’d like I find myself grading the Divas figures on a curve. A mass market figure can’t get the paint job necessary to help soften the sculpt with subtle makeup applications.

That’s not the case here as Naomi has one of the better likeness, not just of a Divas figure, but of the 2015 offerings. She’s right up there for me with the outstanding WWE Figure Series #51 – Superstar #40 Stephanie McMahon Figure and WWE Figure Series #53 – AJ Lee.

In using the standard Divas body, the figure doesn’t necessarily reflect Naomi’s more … ample features. I love that Mattel has been so committed to consistently getting Divas figures out and as such, it’d be great to see them make more of an effort to better reflect the unique physiques of the Divas roster.

WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -on ropesNaomi doesn’t use kickpads so Mattel’s part use here was odd. If it weren’t for the breakup in the checkerboard pattern you wouldn’t notice it. It might be worth it for Mattel to look at a non-kickpad, high socks/sneakers mold for the Divas.

Scale: While Mattel rarely seems all that bothered about an accurate Divas scale, Naomi reflects some reason for optimism in that regard. Naomi is 5’5″, an inch shorter than Nikki and Brie Bella and the figure is likewise shorter than the other average sized Divas. It helps make the line look more diverse so I’m glad to see that continue with Naomi.

Paint: I’ve complained incessantly about Mattel’s uninspired color choices for the Divas’ attire, which too often felt stuck on just red and black, so I was thrilled when Naomi was revealed.

This yellow green paint scheme makes for a strong contrast to Naomi’s skin tone and it’s a color Mattel doesn’t overdo further helping it to stand out.

WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -side profileWWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -outfit designNaomi’s sports bra isn’t sculpted on, but the line work is so well done it didn’t bother me all that much, but it’s an odd omission. The little details of the attire from the smaller checkerboard, the fuzzy “N” and larger checkerboard pattern are just about perfect with the exception of a stray line on the left leg and the aforementioned kickpad issue.

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Articulation: Since most of the Divas don’t get the benefit of Elite articulation, one of my sincerest hopes for 2016 is some slight improvements to the Divas’ articulation scheme.

On the surface, it’s fine, but once you start fiddling around and trying to re-enact some of the moves does it become problematic.

For starters, Mattel needs to destroy that left hand pimp slap mold and add a desperately needed double knee joint as its absence really impacts playability. It’s just restrictive enough with the Divas that her longer hair sculpt doesn’t affect what you can do as the body mold does a perfect job of that on its own.WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -wide pic

Naomi has:

    • neck
    • shoulders (ball-jointed)
    • elbow
    • wrist (with hinge)
    • torso
    • waist
    • hips
    • knees
    • shin
    • ankle

Accessories: By my count, none of the Basic divas with the exception of Nikki Bella, have gotten an accessory so that definitely won’t affect Naomi’s final score.

Worth it? If you’re like me and have long been sucked down the rabbit hole that is Divas figure collecting, Naomi is worth it for her colorful outfit alone. The likeness is great and her attire will immediately catch your eye.WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -with Divas title

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Just like with the Basic Charlotte figure, the figure looks great, but this articulation scheme for the Divas figures is too restrictive to earn a perfect score anymore. The lack of a sculpted top also felt a bit cheap as well. Naomi is likely due for another figure since she’s one of the prominent Divas on TV and hopefully by that time Mattel will reconsider its stance on the old body mold to one better able to do all the moves fans could envision.

Where to get it? I found Naomi at Target, but Toys R Us shouldn’t be too far behind as they’re normally pretty good about stocking up the Basic line.

WWE Mattel Basic Naomi figure review -WWE power couplesIf you don’t want to play that game of chance, you can go online and grab her from Lyles Movie Files affiliate Amazon.com: WWE Basic Figure, Naomi

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