The Walking Dead Eugene figure review

Beyond snowball fights and snowmen building, I love the snow as it gives me an excuse for some winter theme photo shoots so that was all the excuse I needed to finally break out the Eugene figure from McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV show line. Eugene is one of those characters who’s a mirror to reality for most of the viewers. Sure, we all want to imagine we’d be like Rick, Daryl and Michonne, but truthfully, most of us would be like Gabriel, Tara and Eugene, the laid back regular guy trying his best to survive an impossible situation. Let’s see if his figure is worthy of making its way on your shelf if it can’t make Washington.

the walking dead eugene figure - in the snowLikeness:  This is one of the strongest likenesses in the line and really looks like a mini Josh McDermitt. The sculpting team should be proud of their efforts on this one. The expression is well done fully capturing Eugene’s demeanor for the time period of trying to convey a greater sense of self importance.

The figure is based on the mini arc on the show where Abraham was feeling especially protective and had Eugene wear Glenn’s armor. Despite the padding, the figure appears to have the right amount of girth and size. The MT sculptors seem to always rise to the challenge of the more complicated human attire so the armor looks dead-on, right to the inner padding. All the seams, rivets and fasteners are meticulously detailed from the shoulders down to the boot covers. There’s some scratches and dents in the armor to prove the bulk isn’t just for show. This is some quality protection. While some of the pieces have some give, the armor is sculpted onto the figure so trying to remove it will just damage the figure.

Paint: You won’t have to look through the paint job to find the likeness. The painters are doing a better job of not overwhelming the sculpt with heavy, caked on paint applications. As has become the standard for the line, the details are accentuated with the paint washes. While his top half features various shades of black and brown, each one is distinct enough that it shows up well.

the walking dead eugene figure - with rick grimes and abraham fordScale: Eugene clocks in at standard height for the line, just about the same height as Rick Grimes and Abraham. As a major scale nut, I appreciate the figures staying in a consistent scale from one wave to the next.

Articulation: Head banging against desk time as I pull out my broken record. From an aesthetic viewpoint this line is outstanding, but it’s not until you start fidgeting with the articulation that the figures start coming up lacking. Eugene is no different. The most frustrating aspect of this line is that despite looking so nice, an old school GI Joe beats them out in terms of useful articulation.

the walking dead eugene figure - elbow articulationEugene has:

  • neck
  • shoulders (ball-jointed hinge)
  • elbows (swivel and hinge)
  • wrist (wrist hinge)
  • hips
  • knee
  • ankles

Waist articulation remains the biggest need for the line as it would help for more dynamic posing. At a very close second is better range in the elbows and knees. Eugene can’t be posed on his knees or a crouching position, which would be so beneficial for the line in general. Elbow articulation is decent, but in his case, the bulky gauntlets restrict it more than normal. Eugene also can’t strike a basic sitting pose. If that articulation ever gets worked out this line would consistently fare higher.

the walking dead eugene figure - holding helmetAccessories:  As the precious cargo of Abraham’s expedition, Eugene didn’t need a lot of accessories, but he’s packed with the now expected strong assortment. While absolutely worthless in a fight, Eugene comes with a nicely detailed machine gun, a backpack and the helmet for the armor. Although a nice helmet with raising visor and removable chin strap, the power of the mullet makes it impossible for Eugene to actually be able to wear it.

Worth it? Eugene is going to run you $15. That’s $2 to $3 more than the ideal considering the scale. I imagine the license is responsible for some of those extra costs. Occasionally these figures will be cheaper online and if you can find him for $12, it’s a better deal.the walking dead eugene figure - with abraham and glenn rhee

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Eugene is one of the better figures in the line despite the articulation problems, which are not as problematic thanks to the bulky armor.

Where to get it? I found Wave 8 at Toys R Us, which is where Series 8 has just started popping up. Otherwise, your best bet is finding him online. has him in stock for just over $15 McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 8 Eugene Porter Action Figure


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