Suicide Squad statues revealed

One of the more highly anticipated films of 2016 is Suicide Squad so it’s not surprising that DC is going heavy on the merchandising for it. Although it doesn’t come out until August, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s coming out as soon as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice based on the trailers and buzz the movie is already getting.

Via USA Today, DC Collectibles revealed a line of statues based off of some of the team members. The tricky thing with a line like this is of course worrying that the company will release a second wave to cover the remaining characters like Rick Flag, The Enchantress and El Diablo.

The first wave looks very impressive with my favorite unexpectedly being the Katana sculpted by Sam Greenwell although Boomerang (by Adam Ross, who also did Deadshot) and Harley Quinn by James Marsano, who also did The Joker, aren’t far behind.

The Joker statue has a lot of character, but a shirtless Joker isn’t especially appealing since it’s not what I’d consider a signature look for him. No purple at all? That’s a crime. Killer Croc, by Alterson, likewise has a lot of great detailing. If you’re into statues, this line looks like one you might want to get into.

Each measures approximately 12″ tall
Each statue sold separately.
$150.00 US Each • On Sale July/August 2016 * Allocations May Occur

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