DC Icons Lex Luthor figure review

Next to The Joker, Lex Luthor is easily the most notorious DC Comics villain. Superman’s arch-foe is widely considered the most brilliant and likely most DC fan’s second or third favorite villain.

While series 1 of DC Collectibles’ Icons line strangely didn’t include any enemy characters, Lex was included this round in his attire from the outstanding Forever Evil. Although I haven’t enjoyed much of the New 52, Forever Evil felt like a pre-Flashpoint epic storyline in every aspect.

Now let’s see if this figure is worthy of the world’s greatest criminal mastermind or at least makes a decent punching bag for the heroes currently in the Icons line.

Packaging: Icons has a very simple streamlined design. On the plus side, it’s clean with the white and eye catching with the green accents and the Luthorcorp logo in the “O” of Icons.


The package box still needs some character description with a bio and breakdown of the accessories. The side packaging lets us know this is from the Forever Evil story line. DCC really could go the extra mile and have a cover picture or digital download so collectors could see Lex in action.

Likeness: Power Suit Lex is undeniably the more action figure friendly of Lex’s various looks over the years, even though I’m partial to Lex’s Super Friends Legion of Doom attire. Provided the line does well, I’m also hoping we eventually see Lex in his business suit look as well similar to the DC Comics Designer Series Lex Luthor by Lee Bermejo Action Figure

Like Tony Stark’s armors, Luthor has had numerous takes on this Superman-equalizing battle suit from bulky containment units to massive Hulk buster sized armors. DCC went with the latest, sleekest version of the suit.

DC Collectibles Icons Lex Luthor review -fight readyFor the most part, I like it despite missing the almost trademark armor feature of the raised collar piece.  Lex’s head sculpt is exceptional — giving him that entitled, pompous one percent expression without making him look like a power mad psycho.

While having a more streamlined appearance, sculptor Joe Menna provided just enough space to a regular sized man could fit into the armor and not look like they’ve dramatically lost weight to get armored up.

As we’ve seen from every figure in the Icons line so far, Lex features an original sculpt. Collectors that have been complaining about the constant buck reuse with other 6″ lines still don’t have any ammo with the Icons line.

Scale: Lex is sized right alongside the other Series 2 figures. He’s a bit taller than the Wave 1 Batman. Considering the armor and the fact we’re definitely going to see more Batman figures, Lex seems to be the right height. The main determinant with Lex’s scale of course will be the Wave 3 Superman and as long as he’s looking up to Superman, we’re all good.

Paint: The colors do make the armor, but in this case that works against Lex. DC Collectibles has some other Luthor statues in this outfit featuring a shiny, more metallic looking appearance that really make it standout.

Icons Lex sports a duller, flat color scheme that’s far more subdued. It’s easily the biggest disappointment with the figure. Most of the plastic is molded in the appropriate color save the white lining to infer the glowing powered up points on the armor. Like the rest of the paint, it’s flat and fails to provide that constantly charging power source visual.

There’s some painting inconsistencies if you check out various references images from the comic, but the armor is not consistent with what parts are green and what parts are purple either so I can’t knock DCC for that. On the plus side, the figure’s head sculpt is well done with just the hint of red under Lex’s eyes to convey a lack of sleep. Powerful tycoons don’t have time for a solid 8 hours naturally.

DC Collectibles Icons Lex Luthor review -thinkingArticulation:  On the whole, I found the Wave 2 figures to be a lot smoother with the articulation and Lex actually has the best movement of the figures I’ve opened so far. The first wave, along with DCC’s unfortunate reputation, had me a bit leery of moving the figure around too carefree, but Lex definitely has that action figure feel where you can trust the joints to hold up to reasonable play and posing.

The figure has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • torso
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle


DC Collectibles Icons Lex Luthor review - vs Flash

Accessories: Every Icon starts off with a base accessory of two sets of hands and all the extras, but Lex is loaded. Lex is pretty well stocked on the accessory front with a slip over gauntlet blade, an additional right hand with staff and another with a spin blade. Save a shard of Kryptonite there’s really nothing else I could think of the figure needed in his arsenal.


Worth it? I don’t feel cheated paying $25 for these figures, but when you can get them for $20 it’s an even better deal considering the unique sculpt and reasonable amount of accessories.

DSC_4526Rating: 9 out of 10

If Lex had the more metallic armor paint job, this would probably be my favorite of the line. The flat paint brings it down a point, but otherwise this is an exceptional addition to the line. Even if you’re holding out for another Luthor variant, I’d recommend this one, which says a lot for a figure I wasn’t initially all that interested in adding to my collection.

DC Collectibles Icons Lex Luthor review -surrendering to Green Arrow, Green Lantern and The FlashWhere to get it? Support your local comic book store to grab them in person. Otherwise, here’s some other options:

[amazon asin=B00X2VJ4TM&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00X2VJ0XW&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00X2VJ0UU&template=iframe image]

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