Mezco Toys prepares to obliterate wallets with 1:12 Marvel, DC, Star Trek figures

While Valentine’s Day is 10 days away, Mezco Toys isn’t showing any love to collectors’ wallets as they unveiled a massive expansion of its 1:12 line. Beyond the already revealed Superman and Flash, the DC line will include Green Arrow, Shazam and Professor Zoom; Star Trek adds Captain Kirk to go along with the Spock and Sulu and Mezco announced Marvel is now joining the fray.

Captain America, Punisher and Daredevil figures were revealed and they all look outstanding. Looking at the lineup, all the selections but Shazam (as far as we know) have a very obvious connection — they’ll be prominently featured on the big and small screen this year.

Beyond a dedicated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line, Green Arrow is the headliner of Arrow, Professor Zoom is a constant presence on Flash; Star Trek Beyond continues the film adventures of Kirk and company and the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil will showcase The Punisher. Tying in to movies has proven to be a smart strategy for toy companies even if they’re not sticking with the movie costumes and likenesses.

To allow you some time to save up for all these upcoming purchases, Mezco is spreading out the releases. Here’s the tentative schedule:

April – Judge Dredd with Lawmaster

Mezco Toys pre-Toy Fair - Judge Dredd with lawmaker

May – Spock

Mezco Toys pre-Toy Fair - Spock Star Trek

June – SuluMezco Toys pre-Toy Fair - Sulu Star Trek

July – Batman v Superman: Superman, Batman, Armored Batman, Captain America, Kirk

August  – ShazamMezco Toys pre-Toy Fair - Shazam

September – Professor Zoom, The Flash

October – Green Arrow, The Punisher

November – Daredevil, Space Ghost

December – SupermanMezco Toys pre-Toy Fair - Superman

Pics credit: Mezco Toys Facebook page