DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Blood Ties recap Ep. 3

Although not quite as exciting as last week’s episode, Blood Ties was another enjoyable outing for the ragtag group of DC heroes and villains. While it might never win best episode that week in the comic book TVĀ  front, this proved Legends has found a comfortable niche to stay consistent throughout its first season.

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The standard format seems to have 2-3 team members handling the main mission while the others tackle side quests before uniting for the big action sequence.

We learn Rip Hunter already traveled through time to ancient Egypt to kill Savage. It was unclear exactly why Rip hesitated or simply didn’t keep returning to that timeframe and kill him before Savage becomes immortal…beyond putting a quick end to the series of course.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow review - Blood Ties - Canary and RipCanary suggests that instead of trying to kill an immortal they could dry up his finances and make him a bankrupt guy who can’t die. That’s a sensible plan and one that is doable in the confines of the show since the heroes would look stupid for chasing Savage throughout time knowing they can’t kill him. Rip and Canary make a good pairing, hopefully it remains strictly platonic as it’s way too early for the show to start exploring teammate romances.

There seems to be a disconnect between the Arrow and Legends writers though. Just last night, the Arrow characters mentioned that John Constantine “fixed” Sara’s bloodlust, which was revealed isn’t exactly the case. I’m worried having two characters dealing with the same character flaw is overkill especially since in all things Sara > Thea.

This episode upped the creepiness factor of Vandal Savage. Flocked by his followers seeking a life extension shot from Hawkman’s blood, Savage held court like a comic book version of Charles Manson.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow review - Blood Ties - rip, captain cold, jax and saraThe eerie red lighting further established the ominous mood. Again, the action sequences were well staged and a lot of fun even if it didn’t make a ton of sense for Jax to not become Firestorm in the fight.

The writers are doing a great job making Captain Cold and Heat Wave the devil on the other characters’ shoulders subtly influencing them to go along with their side schemes. This week, Cold and Heat Wave convinced Jax to take the Waverider’s scout ship for a spin so they could steal an emerald.

Cold figured by preemptively stealing the emerald and giving it to his father it would prevent him from being imprisoned for five years. The characters remain surprisingly slow about grasping the time influencing concept as Papa Cold still got imprisoned — this time for trying to sell the emerald. Hopefully, the writers won’t continually have the adult heroes interacting with their younger selves every episode as it could quickly become cliche.

Ray and Stein’s interactions have been interesting. I’ve gotta think there’s more to Stein not remembering Ray was in his class simply because he’s taught a lot of students.

That’s hardly a stretch, but a little (no Atom pun intended) underwhelming. Atom got to play Ant-Man this week as he traveled through Kendra’s body to blast away the shards of Savage’s dagger that were slowly killing her.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow review - Blood Ties - RayI’m glad the show is incorporating more mini-Atom moments since they’re truer to the comic book version than Iron Man homage.

Sticking around in 1975 for a third episode was too long for a show that revolves around time travel.

Going to the 80s seems like an obvious next destination, but the show would really be on to something if the time travels are less linear and the characters are hopping back and forth to random decades and centuries.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Consistency is the most important goal for Legends and this was another encouraging outing indicating the showrunners are confident in their direction and the potential with the characters.