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Mattel Defining Moments Sting MOC and loose pics

Crow Sting might be the look more closely associated with the man called Sting these days, but for me, first and foremost the definitive look is the more colorful ‘Surfer’ Sting version.

Mattel has already released a Crow Sting in its Defining Moments line and soon we’ll be getting our hands on a Surfer Sting featuring his most iconic moment — the Great American Bash 1990 where he defeated Ric Flair for his first NWA world title. A new set of images have been released featuring Sting in all his 90s glory.

Mattel Defining Moments Sting 1990 - in packageMattel Defining Moments Sting 1990 - looseI’d prefer a more neutral expression than the teeth-gritting, chop me again look and the figure really should have the same kind of white boots as Billy Gunn or the Road Warriors. I hate the hard plastic jacket as it allows absolutely no posing options. For all my issues though, I can’t wait to add my Sting to the collection. The NWA section of my display definitely needs its late centerpiece face in the mix and now I’m just a neon pink or green Lex Luger away from having the Dudes with Attitude vs. The Four Horsemen feud.

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