The Walking Dead The Governor figure review

I got into The Walking Dead from the TV show so I don’t have the inherent bias towards the comic book series like most fans. As such my version of The Governor is the more logical, less full-on crazy take from the TV show. The comic version was a bit over the top for me. Still, as both the comic and show have shown, humans are an even bigger threat than the walkers.

McFarlane Toys has gotten a lot of mileage with the Walking Dead franchise covering both the comic and TV line. As I only have one walker to battle my heroes, I figured the comic version of The Governor would make for a decent generic human antagonist since he looks so different from the TV version. Not like Rick and company can just square off with one walker, right? Let’s see how this figure stands out.

Packaging: The comic line actually has a better packaging than its TV counterpart with more detailed information and clearer layout of the other figures available in the wave.

Likeness:  Fans of the comic will instantly notice this likeness. The McFarlane sculptors have done an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the comic book visuals while also being able to be incorporated into the TV series as well.


The figure sports the same outfit he used when he chopped off Rick’s hand right down to the turtleneck and vest. The detailing on the figures remain a standout. The Governor’s cargo pants have all the necessary lines and the belt details are even sharper.

The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review - wide shot

I was a little surprised neither head had a more maniacal, crazed expression. The Governor rarely looked this peaceful in the comic and was more violent force of nature than cunning strategist.The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review -ear and patch

Paint: Considering the smaller scale, I’m always very impressed with the amount if paint detailing MT provides on this line. Governor’s shirt has an interesting blood spray/grime around and below the turtleneck. The regular headsculpt got the better paintjob as the eye patch version’s mustache isn’t lined up properly. It’s nothing you’d notice without looking up close though.

Scale: The Governor sticks to the standard height for the line, just about the same height as Rick Grimes and Abraham. I definitely appreciate the consistent scale between the comics and TV lines allowing for display integration with no issues. The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review -scale with Abraham, Glenn and Rick Grimes

Articulation: While an older figure, The Governor still has the legacy articulation issues that have plagued the line.  He can’t sit or kneel in a convincing fashion to really hit more complicated poses than swinging and waving his arms. Adding waist articulation and deeper knee range would do wonders for this line.

The Governor has:

  • neck
  • shoulders (ball-jointed hinge)
  • elbows (swivel and hinge)
  • wrist (wrist hinge)
  • hips
  • knee
  • ankles

The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review -slicing Rick Grimes' handAccessories: Like most MT figures, The Governor is loaded. He comes with a handgun, Michonne’s sword, a knife and an alternate head and half arm. For shelf variety sake, I’ll likely display the figure with the half arm and eye patch head. It’s nice to have options.

Worth it? A typical Walking Dead figure runs $15, which I always consider about $2 to $3 too much. The Governor is under $6 on Amazon and at that price, this is a tremendous value.The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review -aiming at Glenn Rhee

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Governor is one of those characters a lot of collectors will choose one or the other. Thanks to the various display options you don’t have to and this figure is worth adding to either version of the series you collect.

The Walking Dead The Governor McFarlane Toys review - The Governor holding Michonne's swordWhere to get it? Toys R Us tends to have some Walking Dead comic figures on clearance, but which ones is a bit of a crap shoot. has him in stock for $5.80 McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 The Governor Action Figure

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