Star Wars: Knights of the Empire turns up the heat

There’s a new chapter available for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire players and it’s nothing like paradise.

Anarchy in Paradise kicks off a new seven-chapter series that introduces mercenary Firebrand to the game and this fire starter is ready to see the Eternal Empire burned to the ground in the BioWare and Lucasfilm game.

With Firebrand joining the team, Outlander must determine the extent of the plans to take down the Eternal Emperor. For newcomers, KOFE launched last fall and lets players experience the Star Wars saga their own way as their decisions affect the story. New players can begin the game with their created Level 60 character and constructing their Alliance.

Subscribers can experience the new saga for free in addition to the reward of the HK-55 Jetpack in-game item per the new Subscriber Rewards Program listed here. More details on today’s Anarchy in Paradise release can be found here.

[amazon asin=B00T8NURF8&template=iframe image]Check out the trailer:

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