Toy Fair ’16: DC Collectibles announces major rollout to Batman Animated series line

Fans of DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series are going to get a slew of new offerings as the line expands to include a massive Batwing, a Dark Knight Returns inspired three pack as well as the first hint of the wider DC Animated line getting done in this style with the reveal of Supergirl.

USA Today shared the exclusive news of new solo figures, three packs and a five pack.

New additions to the solo series feature Harley Quinn, Firefly, Harvey Bullock, Scarface, Talia al Ghul, Joker and Anti-Fire Suit Batman set for a September release along with a deluxe sized Clayface.

DC Collectibles Batman Animated series - BatwingLast year’s Batmobile was a favorite of collectors and figure critics, but it may have a short reign as the best vehicle in the line with the reveal of the Batwing (estimated retail price $100) set for October. The Batwing will reportedly fit two figures and feature light-up headlights, breaks and engine.

Also in October, you can grab some multi-packs from Batman: The Animated Series, Volume 4 (DC Comics Classic Collection)with the Girl’s Night Out pack of Poison Ivy, Batgirl. Supergirl, Harley Quinn and Livewire set for a September release with $80 retail price and a Tales of the Dark Knight set  featuring Batman, Carrie Kelley Robin and Mutant Leader due in October for $70, October.

Just in time for Christmas, comes the Joker deluxe figure with Santa hat, Christmas tree and candy canes for $45. Come January, you can grab the Batman Beyond pack of Batman, Bruce Wayne and Ace the Bat-Hound for $50.

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