Toyfair’16 DC Icons reveals – Wonder Woman, Batgirl

One of my favorite lines to collect these days is DC Icons. There hasn’t been a lot of reveals with the line since San Diego Comic Con and with a line I’m so invested in, I was hoping that wasn’t a sign that the line stalled out. With Toy Fair coming this weekend, we got some major reveals including the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman figure.
IGN got this exclusive from DC Collectibles featuring some highly requested new additions to the roster.


Wonder Woman is actually sporting one of the few new 52 designs I really like.

I prefer Darkseid classic and regular size, but there’s no denying this new 52 figure looks impressive. That $100 price tag is a bit intimidating though.

Classic Deathstroke was the most pleasant surprise of these reveals and he looks excellent. I hope the next few waves focus less on the New 52 designs and more of the classic, enduring outfits and characters. More JLI please.