WWE Elite 42 revealed

Looks like the rumors are true concerning upcoming WWE lineups. That’s great news for fans of tag teams like myself.

Here’s the confirmed Elite 42 lineup:

Kalisto wwe kalisto

One half of the Lucha Dragons makes his debut in the Elite line. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a Sin Cara so I’m curious if Mattel will try and match a previous version so we don’t have to wait long to get the Dragons.

Xavier Woodswwe new day xavier woods

Another tag team specialist, Xavier adds another member of the New Day to the fold. Mattel has been  pretty good about getting teams completed quickly. With New Day among the most popular acts in the WWE, look for this to be one of the harder figures in the wave to track down.

Triple Htriple-h-wrestlemania-2000

With so much focus on the Attitude Era and only so many ways to do a buzz cut Triple H, hopefully this will finally be the much desired 2000 version of The Game complete with trusty sledgehammer.

Nevillewwe neville

The former NXT champ gets his first Elite figure. I’m hoping this comes in a deep purple to help mix up the color display.

Nasty Boys Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbswwe nasty boys2

For old school Flashback fans this is the highlight of the series. The Nasty Boys offer tremendous variety as they feuded with many of the top teams that are already in the line like the Legion of Doom, The Outsiders, The Rockers and the Bushwackers. I’m hoping for cloth jackets for these guys and not the thick hard plastic used on most leather coats.