Agent Carter: Life of the Party recap S2, Ep. 6

A week after Peggy’s Untouchables squad stumbled through a silly, goofy outing, the show found its ideal mix of action, humor, intrigue and dynamic performances.

Like The Flash, the show works best when there’s a healthy amount of humor, but not to the point it overshadows the more serious moments. Last week was too much of the latter so the tone of this episode was a welcome return to form noticeably thanks to this season’s bad girls stealing the spotlight.

Peggy was largely in a supporting role this week still recovering from her injuries from her encounter with Whitney. But desperate to help Jason solidify, Peggy was willing to do whatever it took including seeking aid from her arch-nemesis Dottie (Bridget Regan). Terrible wig aside, I loved that Peggy couldn’t fix everything this week because she’s not a superhero and actually needs time to recover from a major injury.

Peggy admitted the idea was bad, but with few better options, forced Dottie to help retrieve a sample of Whitney’s blood at a campaign rally for her husband, Calvin. Still, considering she made a too brief appearance tonight, I was just a little disappointed Peggy just didn’t recruit Ana for the mission. Watching Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis on a spy mission seems infinitely more fun than seeing Bobbi and Hunter in the S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off.

Thankfully, Regan is so entertaining in the role that bothersome issues like logic and common sense can be ignored for the time being. Regan was a lot of fun for constantly trying to find new buttons to push on Peggy whether flirting with Jason or calling Jarvis “Jeeves,” Dottie was in rare scene-stealing form tonight. The best moment though came when she spotted Thompson and suggested she could kill him drawing a prompt negative response from Peggy and Sousa.

Agent-Carter-Life-of-the-Party-review Dottie-Jarvis dancingSousa is a lot more enjoyable when he’s not Peggy’s love-struck crush so this week was a rough one for him as he spent the majority of the episode fawning over her before mentioning that Violet ended their engagement. It felt a little cheap that almost immediately after that reveal, Sousa and Peggy came close to kissing. Are there a lot of Peggy/Sousa shippers to keep teasing with their inevitable hook-up because I’d rather Peggy’s main SSR ally not try and sleep with her.

Dottie’s dress definitely seemed to have some Black Widow influences with its red and black color scheme. Hydra was able to sustain Bucky for decades after the war. I’m wondering if there isn’t some kinda similar experiment they could’ve done for Dottie as she’d make for an intriguing rival for Black Widow if/when a standalone Black Widow movie was made.

Predictably, Dottie went off the script to see Whitney’s meeting with the council. Calvin had enough of being the cowering husband and had Whitney demonstrate her powers so he could convince them of her threat. That worked a little too well as Whitney killed/absorbed the two guards that tried to capture her, along with half the council and finally Calvin.

Agent Carter Life of the Party review - Whitney, Chadwick, Vernon and ThompsonKilling Calvin was a significant point of no return for Whitney, but it was one of those instances where the character is stronger as a result. No longer forced to play a role she’d longed outgrown of a loving wife, now Whitney is free to be her true self with no need for apologies. I’m interested if the writers will play up Whitney’s acting background and her presumed desire to be in the spotlight potentially screwing up her plans. Still, what exactly is Whitney’s end game? Threaten allegiance or get absorbed or does she have a larger plan in play?

Dottie’s little investigation comes to and end when Thompson and his men bring her back into custody, but Vernon isn’t so quick to congratulate him. After all, it is his fault Peggy’s still running loose and screwing up their agenda. Thompson seems to be spinning his wheels from last season again as he’s considering his loyalty to his position or Peggy, the agent he knows is really concerned about the greater good.

But considering Dottie was bound in Whitney’s trunk maybe Thompson’s already made up his mind on the team he’s backing? And is anyone else stoked about a Dottie/Whitney alliance against Peggy?

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Nearing the home stretch of the season, this strong episode set the stage for a high-stakes final arc even with Peggy sidelined.