Deadpool is now the highest grossing X-Men film

Deadpool continues to be 2016’s breakout hit as it easily won a second weekend atop the box office and already earned $235 million in two weeks.

With a dominating $55 million second weekend, there’s a new king of the X-Men franchise series as Deadpool beat out X-Men: The Last Stand’s $234 million haul. I don’t think it’s a major coincidence that the one X-Men film that’s truest to its comic book inspiration is going to easily stand atop the franchise.

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Much more importantly than an R rating is the fact that Deadpool looks like he does in the comic, acts like he does in the comic and not surprisingly, fans have responded in kind. If anything, that’s the biggest lesson 20th Century Fox needs to get from Deadpool’s success. Capturing the comic book essence will not just bring in the comic book fan, but make it a must-see event for the casual audience member who’ll want to know what the fuss is about.

race movie review - stephan james and jeremy ironsAt its current pace, Deadpool could vault The Hangover ($277 million) and The Hangover Part II ($254 million) for the fourth spot on the all-time highest R-rated list by the end of next week.

Kung Fu Panda 3 remained in second place with $12.5 million to kick its total to $117 million to give Fox a 1-2 punch atop the box office. Sony’s Risen had a solid debut with $10.8 million, good enough for the fourth best faith-based film.

In fourth place was the debuting horror film, The Witch, which earned $8.6 million to give it an edge over How to be Single. The Warner Bros. romance comedy has now earned $31 million. The Jesse Owens biopic Race stalled out the gate and managed a meager $7.2 million.

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