Agent Carter: Monsters recap S2.E7

The home stretch of an Agent Carter series always bums me out a bit. Its limited run format means there’s less filler and much more excitement per episode, which would benefit a lot of 22-23 episodes season series. Monsters was another riveting episode that showcased the series at its best with high-stakes action, a shadowy conspiracy, charismatic characters and just the right amount of humor. Not to mention one doozy of a cliffhanger.

Agent Carter wouldn’t be so cruel as to kill of its most saintly and sweetest character in Ana Jarvis, right? Alright, let’s address that in a second.

We’re definitely nearing the end of what’s been a much improved second season and all the characters are converging for the grand finale. Dottie again threatened to steal the show as she taunted Vernon Masters as he tried to pry information out of her. Bridget Regan has been so entertaining that even if we don’t get a third season, I hope this won’t mark the end of Dottie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe some time warp could have her added to the mix of the Netflix shows?

agent-carter-monsters-vernon and josephPeggy was worried with the potential of Dottie working with Whitney, but she did get some good news as Jason finally finished a device to make him solid albeit in a containment chamber. Fortunately, it had enough openings for Jason and Peggy to have a long-awaited kiss. Jarvis politely looking away was a nice touch.

Whitney’s war council of Joseph Manfredi (Ken Marino) and Vernon jockey for position in the second in command pecking order while Whitney decides to have a conversation with Dottie. We’ve never seen Dottie frazzled or rattled so Whitney making her scream thanks to her Zero Touch reinforced how deadly this Dark Force is if can shake the unshakable.

Striking out in getting Dottie to talk, Vernon decided to sell Sousa on buying in to aligning with him. Sousa proved much tougher than Thompson though so Vernon sends some of his goons to rough him up a bit. Sousa’s had a rough go this whole season what with Peggy coming back into his life and effectively ending his engagement, continually losing control of the SSR first to Thompson and now Vernon. It’s enough to make it come across like Sousa really isn’t cut out for this spy warfare game.

In spite of several great moments, the highlight was the casual banter of Peggy and Jarvis specifically as he gets her to open up about Sousa and Jason. The Peggy/Jarvis dynamic is one of the best of the comic book TV set only surpassed by The Flash’s Barry/Joe bond. With Peggy’s crack that electrical engineering being a better trait to pick up from Howard Stark than the clap and the good-natured exchanges between the two, Agent Carter would work even if it just focused on those two talking for 60 minutes.

Peggy and Jarvis’ attempt to rescue Dottie doesn’t go as smoothly as planned and they were momentarily caught. After breaking free, Peggy gets Dottie to admit this was all a trap, but not to catch her. Jarvis’ world was instantly rocked and just like Dottie, it was great to see a dramatic shift in Jarvis’ attitude.agent-carter-monsters-jarvis and peggy

Whitney almost made a clean getaway as she invaded the Stark compound, but she didn’t count on Jason being able to absorb the Zero Matter. At a standoff, Joseph distracted Jason long enough for Whitney to knock him out. Before they could stuff Jason into the car, Ana comes out warning them that help was on the way so Whitney shot her.

As they rushed Ana to the hospital, Jarvis was distraught and could barely speak. But Peggy, being the rock of support Jarvis has so often been for her, got a chance to return the favor as the two sat waiting for news on Ana’s fate.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Events took a darker turn this week with Peggy and Jarvis finding their loved ones in harm’s way. It’s the lowest point we’ve seen our heroes, which will make their inevitable triumph all the sweeter.

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