DC Icons Black Adam figure review

DC loves its mirror image villains. Those characters who are typically color swapped versions of the heroes with a sinister mindset to match. There’s Bizarro, Sinestro, Reverse Flash and Catman to name a few, but my favorite is probably Black Adam.

I always found the black and gold color scheme striking, but it wasn’t until Geoff Johns made the character a regular in JSA Omnibus Vol. 1 that I found myself liking him more than his heroic counterpart Captain Marvel/Shazam.

So while Captain Marvel is lower on my priority list, I was thrilled that DC Collectibles released Black Adam with the second wave of its DC Icons line. Let’s see if we only need lightning to strike one time with this figure.

DC Icons Black Adam review - rear packagePackaging: One really neat aspect of this packaging is the figure appropriate personalization on the front and sides. The white box gets a gold/yellow accent for Black Adam this time with a snazzy lightning bolt in the Icons’ “O” and on the top.

For MOC collectors, that’s a nice treat to help make the figures stand out while keeping a uniform look. The side indicates this is the Forever Evil version of Black Adam, marking the second incarnation from that storyline included in this wave. Somebody at DCC really liked that story arc. Check it out here on Amazon: Forever Evil

Likeness:  Adam has this tricky thing where artists have to try and distinguish his facial structure from Namor, the Sub Mariner due to similarities with hair style and pointy ears. Sculptor Dave Cortes, whose work you’re no doubt familiar with if you picked up any Toy Biz Marvel Legends figures, did a nice job making Adam look unique enough that it doesn’t look like a Namor stand-in.

DC Icons Black Adam review - hands on hipMy biggest knock on the likeness comes with the eyes. Adam’s eyes are whited out to convey him charging his lightning. For action poses that’s fine, but for static (pardon the pun) poses, it makes him look more possessed than powered.

DC Icons Black Adam review - right sideThe previous DC Collectibles Black Adam figure featured the same whited eyes so clearly this is their preference. I’d probably opt for two headsculpts — one with the neutral, visible irises and the second with a whited out wilder, battle mode expression.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the chest paneling — more needless new 52 over design, the figure reflects it well and the gold armaments with the gauntlets and belt have sharp lightning bolt details. The boots also accurately capture that unique design. Some of the costs with the DC Icons figures are these unique to the figure sculpted details, but at this quality, it’s hard to complain.

The lightning bolt on the chest is made from a softer plastic that ‘floats’ off the figure so as not to interfere with the abdomen articulation. Aesthetically, it’s probably the best option although it looks kinda weird from the side.

Scale: Black Adam is one of those broad, elite class heavyweights that thankfully isn’t drawn skyscraper size to convey his strength. The figure likewise, has a thicker build, but isn’t so huge that he looks out of scale with the other figures.

DC Icons Black Adam review - with Lex LuthorPaint: There isn’t a ton of paint here since most of the figure was molded in black and the lightning bolt is a well done sticker. The headsculpt has some nice shading around the eyes.

About the only trouble spots on mine were some of the gold flaking off the cape button and a minor smear on the cape lining. I suspect the boots are going to see quick flaking with paint rub the moment you start moving them around. It’s something I’m hoping DCC is taking note of as it’s becoming a common issue with the line.

Articulation:  Black Adam was the first Icons figure I got with a floppy torso, which proved an annoying buzzkill for my excitement with the figure. Adam is a bit too top heavy to have that particular problem and in his case, it also made regular posing occasionally frustrating as he couldn’t hold the basic Icons poses.

Of six figures, he’s been the only one with this problem, but even the old standby superglue trick was unable to fully fix it. For any fledgling line it’s the hidden engineering flaws like this that customers can’t see on the pegs that will hurt them so hopefully this was a one off issue for DC Collectibles and not a widespread issue.

DC Icons Black Adam review - choking out Green Lantern

Black Adam has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • torso
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle

DC Icons Black Adam review - flexingLike most of the figures in the line, Adam would benefit tremendously from more range of motion in the up and down head articulation. You won’t truly be able to get a good flying pose since he can’t raise his neck up. That’s something I’m really hoping DCC can address before the Wave 3 Superman arrives.

Accessories: The hands have it as far as extras this time out. Truthfully, Adam isn’t an obvious accessory kind of character and what we did get are pretty sensational anyway.

In addition to the standard fists, we get a set of grabbing hands — ideal for throttling opponents — and a set of lighting hands. I can’t recall Adam using Force Lightning all that often, but it’s a nice touch and the translucent effects look great.

Worth it? I paid $25 for the figure. That’s $5 higher than your regular 6″ Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black or WWE Legends figure. The tradeoff though is those three lines do a lot of mold reuse whereas here we’re getting a unique sculpt with details. For me, that’s a deal I can live with and feel the price for value is solid.

Rating: 8 out of 10

This is exactly what I hope DCC offers with each of its Icons figures going forward. Great articulation, unique sculpting and useful accessories. I’m stoked for Superman and Aquaman to join the fold come February. Now

DC Icons Black Adam review - using lightningWhere to get it? Support your local comic book store to grab them in person or grab them from Amazon and Entertainment Earth. DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons: Black Adam Forever Evil Action Figure

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