The Flash: King Shark review S2, Ep.15

Only The Flash could make a sharp jumping a monumentally cool event.

Flash’s battle with King Shark including that wicked water charging/lightning bolt attack was tremendously fun and one of the show’s best fight scenes yet it wasn’t even the night’s craziest moment. That would be the end of the speculation with the reveal of Zoom.

Zoom’s true identity has been one of those rare can’t go wrong moments in a show. The writers had done such a solid job establishing the mystery and coming up with viable suspects and potential motives that the payoff had little chance of being disappointing.

There were so many solid fan theories from the Earth 2 Henry Allen, the John Wesley Shipp Barry Allen from the 90s show and a random alternate Earth who’d become corrupted or just another new evil force. We were thrown a bit of a red herring last week with Jay’s death even as the man in the iron mask attempted to reveal some tidbit about Jay before Zoom returned.

But now we know for sure that Zoom is Jay Garrick. Or is he? As he carried Jay’s body into his lair and removed his mask Jay/Zoom said this complicates things. What does that mean? Is Jay actually Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2? And is the man in the iron mask actually a more comic book accurate older Jay Garrick? We’ve got questions, but those answers won’t be coming anytime soon since the show is on another hiatus until March 22, which should give us more than enough time to come up with 30 or so more theories.

For now, let’s enjoy the fun that was this terrific episode.

King Shark was on the loose after breaking free of ARGUS custody prompting Diggle and Lyla to visit Team Flash to warn them he was gunning for Flash. Diggle proved just as beneficial to Barry this week as he is to Oliver. Dig warned Barry not to take the weight of the world on his shoulders, which was helpful as Barry can’t out-brood Oliver on his worst week.

The actual King Shark segments showed a marked improvement in the budget and special effects enhancements. That was pretty much how I envisioned King Shark would look like beyond the comic book pages and his animations looked sensational.

the flash king shark recap - barry, wally, joe and irisAs usual, the smaller subplots were also great character building moments. Wells was back in his research trying to locate King Shark , but Jesse called him out for wanting to so desperately free her only to ignore her again. There was a lot going on tonight, but I’m glad Jesse and Wells’ new status quo wasn’t ignored.

Both Barry and Cisco struggled to keep their Earth-2 exploits a secret. Cisco caved first, but it was from a well-meaning place as he was reading into Caitlin’s understandably depressed mood as signs she was going down a path that would lead to her becoming Killer Frost. Instead of just replaying mopey Caitlin after Ronnie’s death, there was a nice wrinkle here with Caitlin working through mourning Jay in her own way that could also involve pranking Cisco.

Barry’s was tougher as he revealed to Iris and Joe his arrival on Earth-2 led to the death of that world’s Joe, which helped somewhat explain the tension between Barry and Wally. The mutual resistance is natural and I’m glad the show is exploring resentment and a little jealousy on both sides. By episode’s end, both seemed to be willing to give each other a chance and I really like that this bond is getting a slow burn.

Waiting on the show to resume is going to take some patience as well, but with so many storylines to develop and Barry’s declaration that they will stop Zoom, I’m excited for the season’s final arc.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Flash keeps delivering on every front from character development to exhilarating action and is appointment Tuesday night TV.