Ghostbusters trailer — are we ready to believe yet?

The Ghosbusters are here in the first trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster.

I’ve officially reached that too old place in my life as this trailer did little to convince me this reboot was necessary beyond better visuals. Despite only two films, Ghostbusters has remained a beloved franchise and I’ve yet to get that feeling of anticipation for it despite the casting of some of my favorite actors in Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy and on the rise stars in Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

I was pretty annoyed that Leslie Jones’ character is playing the street smart, transit worker while the rest of the cast are nuclear engineers, paranormal researchers, scientists and physicists. I was hoping Jones’ Patty Tolan would be involved right from the start unlike Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zedmore, who joined the team midway through the movie, but she looks to have a prominent role as the wild, loud over the top member of the group. While a female Ghostbusters squad is pretty radical at least some standard Hollywood conventions remain in place.

That said, I’m still willing to give the film a chance, but I’m struggling to get especially excited for it.

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