Magnum TA, Becky Lynch, Ultimate Maniacs coming to Mattel’s WWE line

Mattel is notoriously secretive about releasing future lineups for its WWE line preferring to allow one site to pretty much exclusively reveal the lineups when they’re ready for pre-order.

Now we’ve got the latest exciting reveals including some eagerly anticipated debuting wrestlers and welcome variants for others. As always, these are subject to change until officially confirmed by Mattel, but the lineups are definitely promising.

Elite 44

Tugboat — Hulk Hogan’s faithful ally during his feud with Earthquake and Dino Bravo in 1990 also allows collectors to complete Hogan’s 90 Survivor Series team with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Big Bossman. (Check out the review here).

sasha banks entrance gearKoko B. Ware — A major staple of the 80s, The Birdman crooned and dropkicked his way to fans’ hearts. Koko also completes another 1990 Survivor Series team as he rounds out the foursome of Dusty Rhodes and The Hart Foundation, which lost to Million Dollar Man’s team that featured the debut of The Undertaker. [EDIT: This figure was shelved]

Sasha Banks – Even though Mattel released a great version in the Basic line, I’m fully expecting this one to feature The Boss in her shades, necklaces and jacket in a more colorful attire. (Check out the review here)

Big E – With Xavier Woods in Elite 42 and Kofi Kingston rumored for Elite 43, Big E rounds out the New Day in Elite form.

Braun Strowman – The Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family completes the dreaded foursome. All he needs is that scary black sheep mask. (Check the review here)

Macho Man Randy Savage – This version of Savage features him in his short-lived Ultimate Maniacs attire. Someone at Mattel has a fondness for Survivor Series at this incarnation is one half of the team that battled Ric Flair and Razor Ramon at the 1991 edition.

Elite 45

magnum ta mattel legends series 7Shawn Michaels — No info on what version HBK we’re getting this time, but any 1995-1998 attires are welcome. I’d love the Degeneration X: In Your House version.

The Undertaker — Hopefully this will finally be the 1998 Attitude Era version I’ve been waiting on for years.

Y2J — Chris Jericho gets another Elite figure. This will likely be a modern version with a more detailed left arm tattoo.

Magnum TA — The long awaited Magnum figure collectors were teased with all the way back with Legends Series 7 finally emerges from prototype limbo to join the line. (Check the review here)

Ultimate Warrior – Presumably this is a matching Ultimate Maniacs version to compliment Savage.

Kamala — This is an odd choice considering how great the original figure was, but Mattel has tried to make older Legends available to latecomers to the line.

EDIT: This wave has now been confirmed as the first wave in the revamped WWE Legends series.

Battle Pack 41

WWE Night of Champions - Charlotte celebrates win with Ric FlairVaudvillains — The former NXT tag champs get Basic versions. Hopefully Elite figures aren’t out of the question.

The Dudley Boyz — I’ll be fine with modern versions in this set so long as the Elite as Flashbacks.

Ric Flair and Charlotte — I’m sure I’ll be getting this set to get a more colorful version of Charlotte. Flair is a decent bonus I suppose.

Battle Pack 42

Lucha Dragons – Sin Cara and Kalisto will sport matching outfits in this set.

Stephanie and Triple H — The Authority comes paired together for everyone who missed their earlier releases

Edge and Christian — Gotta assume this is a Flashback set of wrestling’s most entertaining tag team duo.

WWE Summerslam 2015 -Paige, Becky Lynch, Charlotte

The Basic Line didn’t have a lot of useful news save the addition of Becky Lynch coming in Series 64, but that’s more than enough for me.

Credit: instagram user @ b.c.w.f

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