Daredevil, Deadpool join Team Iron Man in Civil War II

Marvel is preparing for war … again. Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed and fan revered Secret Wars comes the sequel to another highly successful mega event — Civil War.

The Marvel Universe is at a crossroads. A new power has emerged, one that can predict the future—for good or ill— and the heroes of the Marvel Universe are faced with a choice: Wield the power of “predictive justice” to change the future as they see fit, or reject it and allow tomorrow to unfold unaltered.

Protect the future. Change the future. Choose your side.

Protect_the_FutureChange_the_FuturePredictably the Civil War forces the heroes to battle against one another. Iron Man’s squad isn’t lacking for firepower with Black Panther, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Thor, Star-Lord, Luke Cage, Hulk, Hercules, Black Widow, Deadpool and Daredevil.

Instead of Captain America, Captain Marvel is leading the other side, which includes Steve Rogers’ Captain America, War Machine, Spider-Man, Vision, Hawkeye, The Winter Soldier, Madusa, Photon, Ant-Man, She-Hulk and The Punisher.

I feel like Marvel is above going back to the well to a successful story. I get that this is an effort to create a little synergy between the movie and comic book worlds with Captain America: Civil War coming out, but Civil War really felt like one of those storylines that didn’t ever need to be revisited especially if it results in the death of a significant character. We’ll see if this story has enough to deliver on another superhero war come May.