Daredevil: Dogs to a Gunfight recap S2, E2

We’re two episodes in and already Season 2 feels like it’s building to the season finale of most shows.

With so many superhero shows largely ditching the secret identity concept, Daredevil takes a refreshing approach by limiting the circle of trust to Foggy. Early on, we see the burden of maintaining such a major secret as Foggy frantically scrambling to check various rooftops to find Matt. While it’s cool being the only one to know your pal is off helping to protect the city it also comes with a tremendous responsibility. It’s one Foggy is becoming increasingly weary of especially in this instance as Matt took a bullet to the head.

Like any best friend, Foggy doesn’t want to see some nut job — especially one as skilled as the rooftop gunman — to succeed in killing Matt. But as Matt’s already figured, the police are no match for this new player.

With Grotto under police protection, Officer Mahoney (Royce Johnson) tells Foggy and Karen the gunman is highly trained and has the police force divided. Half think he’s a complete danger while the others appreciate him making their lives easier. Punisher is a very topical character to introduce to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this time. With so many active shooter and cops being targeted, I wonder how Punisher would be received in the real world as someone who targets and permanently stops the bad guys.

District Attorney Samantha Reyes (Michelle Hurd) is back to cause a ruckus. She tries to blow off Foggy and assume control of Grotto’s plea deal. Elden Henson continues to prove his versatility as Foggy doesn’t buckle under Reyes’ threats. Foggy is a lot of fun, but he won’t take any crap from anyone either. Reyes and her aide reveal the gunman has been dubbed The Punisher. Reyes will sign off on Grotto’s witness protection plea provided he agrees to a wiretap for another major crime lord.

Marvel's DaredevilKaren, who’s still harboring secrets of her own, wonders if Hell’s Kitchen is responsible for Punisher’s creation and if they deserve the punishment to come.

Our favorite murdering vigilante is on a supply run buying a police scanner from a pawn shop. While clearly skeevy, Punisher just wants a simple transaction until the owner offers him some very deplorable videos involving underage children. Punisher closes up shop and grabs a bat as Director Phil Abraham leaves the result to our imagination.

Matt’s hyper senses went screwy and had him out of sorts for most of the episode. Showing the physical consequences to a regular human is necessary for a show that’s largely so grounded in reality. Beyond eliciting sympathy it also makes you wonder if Foggy wasn’t right about Matt needing to stop before he gets killed.

After Karen visits with a reminder she’s not clueless about Matt’s action and sharing her fear about her Punisher run-in, Matt is ready for another shot at him. First, he needs to check in with Melvin about repairing his suit. Melvin lets Matt know The Punisher made a precise shot specifically not to kill him, but offer a warning.

Showing off his resourcefulness, Matt finds Punisher’s hideout. Proving he still has a soft heart somewhere, the pit bull the Irish gang was using for dog fights is now a proud member of the Punisher household. Punisher isn’t in as he’s gunning down a few more members of the biker gang. This provided a rare bit of violent levity as one member was spray cleaning the blood out of a stolen truck when Punisher sprays a new dose courtesy of some bikers.

Punisher’s not done for the night though and is ready to tie up his loose ends by taking out Grotto. While Reyes thought she’d outsmarted him, Punisher was ready for the ambush and once again before he can finish Grotto, Daredevil arrives ready for Round 2.

To further escalate the rematch, Reyes’ has the SWAT team ready to take Punisher down and they don’t bother waiting until Daredevil gets clear. Again, Daredevil and Punisher prove too evenly matched for one to gain a decisive advantage. But with gunfire getting closer and closer, Punisher sends both of them through a skylight. The fall and the shattered glass screw up Matt’s senses again and Punisher closes in. When Foggy and the cops arrive at the scene, both have vanished. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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