Mattel’s WWE Hall of Fame Series 4 revealed

After a mildly disappointing Hall of Fame Series 3 with just three releases and another Randy Savage variant, collectors had high expectations for Hall of Fame Series 4. And it appears we’re in for another letdown.

The reveal, from, was pretty underwhelming for folks who’ve been in to Mattel’s Legends line since the early days. The set is:

  • Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts with Damien
  • King Booker in gold tights
  • Edge with leather trench coat and camo pattern attire
  • George ‘The Animal’ Steele with flowers for ‘Lizabeth and Mine.

Hall of Fame Series 4The name of the game with the Target exclusives have been repaints and if we’re lucky a new head sculpt here and there.

In the past, there’s been a completely new Hall of Fame entrant like Tito Santana, heavily remodified variants like Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 9 from Series 2 and Stone Cold Steve Austin from wave 1, but this set is largely skippable. I’m tempted to add another Jake The Snake, but that’s about it.

A post-Harlem Heat WCW era Booker T with the high top fade would have been a no-brainer and a better head sculpt for Edge would have been tempting. This set looks like one of those cheaper efforts that could cause a serious backlog on the pegs. Hopefully Mattel knows what they’re doing with this set and it doesn’t end up killing the Hall of Fame line.

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