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WWE Hall of Fame Series 4 loose and MOC pics

Unlike previous Hall of Fame series, wave 4 doesn’t offer much new for collectors who’ve been invested in Mattel’s WWE line from the beginning. This wave is entirely made up of repaints with minor changes to Edge, King Booker, George ‘The Animal’ Steele and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. revealed the series last week and showed off loose and in package pictures this week. This wave doesn’t really have me excited in the slightest as the characters selected for repaints aren’t necessarily ones most in need especially when you consider we’ve yet to get a Wrestlemania III version Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, an all pink Bret Hart or an NWA era Dusty Rhodes — all of which are equally simple repaints though I’d love to see at least new head sculpts with all three.

Anyway, I hope there’s enough collectors who missed out the first go round to keep HOF4 from an extended stay on shelves. This is the kind of lineup that definitely could cause some shelfwarming issues. As with all the Hall of Fame figures, this set is exclusive to Target.

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