ALIEN DAY426 to reveal Vasquez, Newt figures; Ripley sneakers

I didn’t even know Alien Day was a thing, but I’m definitely intrigued with one of my favorite franchises getting a centerpiece showcase.

One of the cooler announcements is collectors can finally get their hand on another iconic 80s piece of footwear — Ripley and Bishop’s shoes as part of Reebok’s line.  Collectors can grab the limited edition Alien Stomper worn by Sigourney Weaver and Bishop’s mid tops worn by Lance Henrikson starting April 26 at Reebok stores worldwide.

Aliens 1986 Gormon, Frost, Drake and HicksOn the figure front: I’ve been anxiously awaiting the news of every NECA announcement concerning the latest figures in its Alien/Aliens line so I was ecstatic with the mention of NECA revealing Lt. Vasquez and Newt.

Now we just need Burke and Gorman for the first round survivors crew, but I will continue pulling for Apone, Drake and Frost too.

Hot Toys will be revealing a new 12″ Ripley figure. Someone hide my wallet. If Hot Toys is back in the Aliens game this could be some major trouble.

Here’s some of the other big reveals:

  • KOTOBUKIYA – The Japanese manufacturer unleashes an assortment of highly detailed collectables this spring including a 1:10 scale Warrior Drone ARTFX+ statue from ALIENS and mini “Big Chap” figurines posed to strike up conversation around your home or office!
  • INSIGHT EDITIONS – The illustrated pop culture book publisher will release the trade edition of the Weyland-Yutani Report
  • An all-new ALIEN Internecivus Raptus Statue from Sideshow Collectibles
  • SUPER 7 – The San Francisco based designer toy and apparel company has developed several toys in honor of the ALIEN DAY: ALIEN Muscle figures on card; ALIEN ReAction carrying case with exclusive ALIEN figure; Nostromo playset Kit Bash kit; Japanese vinyl Queen and ALIENS Glassware
  • LOOT CRATE – The monthly mystery subscription box for pop culture fans will launch a limited-edition ALIENS 30th Anniversary crate on 4/26 filled with exclusive merchandise, collectibles and more from all core licensee partners.
  • MEDICOM TOY – Japan-based toy company MEDICOM TOY will release VCD (vinyl super deformed) ALIEN figure and retro style ALIEN figure via Diamond Comics
  • USAopoly – Launches a pair of classic board games with a thrilling twist: YAHTZEE® ALIEN VS PREDATOR™ and CLUE®: ALIEN VS PREDATOR™
  • HOLLYWOOD COLLECTIBLES to release a large-scale model of the Derelict from Alien, molded from an original model that H.R. Giger created for an exhibition in Las Vegas
  • ALIEN DIGITAL PINBALL– Fox Digital Entertainment, in partnership with Zen Studios, will launch three digital pinball tables via iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation Network, XBOX Live and Steam.
  • DC ENTERTAINMENT – Together with Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment will re-release the fan-favorite Batman VS ALIEN comics for the first time in over a decade
  • FRIGHT RAGS – Horror apparel retailer Fright Rags will release limited edition ALIEN-themed apparel
  • THE UPPER DECK COMPANY – The leading trading card company will launch ALIENS Anthology Collector Trading Card and the ALIENS “Vs” Trading Card Game system

And for all you Alien trivia buffs, there’s going to be a 24-hour contest on Twitter. To coincide with the date, every 42.6 minutes a new Alien theme question will be tweeted on the official Alien Anthology twitter account, @AlienAnthology. To take part in the fun you’ll need to pre-register at ALIEN Anthology (

Each trivia question (35 in a 24-hour cycle) will have various prize packages from 20th Century Fox’s ALIEN franchise licensing partners. To qualify to win the corresponding prize, participants must “Reply” to the initial “question tweet,” correctly answer the question, and use the #AlienDay426 and #Contest hashtags. A winner (or “winners” when multiple prizes are offered) will be selected for each of the questions. Please refer to “Official Rules” for additional detail.

Catch up on the series here: Alien Anthology and Prometheus Bundle [Blu-ray]

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox