Wrestlemania main events action figure style

Wrestlemania 7

Wrestlemania 7 - Sgt Slaughter faces off with Hulk HoganMarch 24, 1991, at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California

Following The Ultimate Warrior’s shocking WWF title loss at the Royal Rumble to Iraqi sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter, it was left to one true American patriot — Hulk Hogan to fight on behalf of the United States and return the WWF title to the U.S.A.

Despite a bloody battle, The Hulkster would once again stand tall to close out Wrestlemania as the WWF champion.Wrestlemania 7 - Hogan is the new champ

Wrestlemania 8

Wrestlemania 8 - Hogan vs Sid - face offApril 5, 1992, at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana

In what was being billed as his WWF retirement match, The Hulkster once again prepared to headline Wrestlemania against a former friend. This time in the form of his presumed protege Sycho Sid.

Wrestlemania 8 - Hogan vs Sid - Ultimate Warrior makes the saveTheir pursuit of the WWF title at the 1992 Royal Rumble severely affected their friendship, but it wasn’t until a tag team match against The Undertaker and Ric Flair did Sid fully betray his friend. Looking to vanquish one last giant on his way out of the WWF, The Hulkster was attacked by Papa Shango until the Ultimate Warrior returned from exile to aid his longtime ally and thrill the fans who saw one legend depart only for another to take his place.Wrestlemania 8 - Hogan vs Sid - Ultimate Warrior and Hogan posing

Wrestlemania 9

Wrestlemania 9 - Hogan with WWF titleApril 4, 1993 at the Caesars Palace in Paradise, Nevada

The mighty Yokozuna looked to be unbeatable heading into his Wrestlemania showdown with the WWF champion Bret Hart. Thanks to the well-timed interference of Yokozuna’s manager, Hart was blinded and was easy prey for Yokozuna marking the fourth Wrestlemania where the WWF title changed hands.

The fifth occurred in shocking fashion as Mr. Fuji challenged Hogan to an immediate title match. With Hart’s encouragement, Hogan accepted the challenge and shockingly pinned Yokozuna to become the new WWF champion in a mere 22 seconds.

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