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Wrestlemania 13

Wrestlemania 13 - Bret Hart vs Stone Cold - face offMarch 23, 1997, at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois

Bonus feature time. Wrestlemania 13 is lightly regarded by fans as a whole, but features one of the best matches in wrestling history. Frustrated by the WWF system seemingly actively plotting against him by ignoring the wrongs perpetrated against him while turning a blind eye to the outlaw tactics of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart finally got his rival where he wanted him in an I Quit submission match.

With Hart’s status as a beloved fan favorite ebbing by the moment, Hart gave in to his darker impulses in order to vanquish his foe once and for all. But Stone Cold would not be deterred and gave as good as he got before finally getting trapped in Hart’s dreaded Sharpshooter. With no way to break the submission hold, Austin passed out from the pain, but not before giving the fans a new hero to root for while Hart was in disbelief that they would cheer the man who tormented his career for the past six months.

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Wrestlemania 13 - Sycho Sid vs The Undertaker - face offWhile the fans were emotionally spent from the grueling Hart/Austin match, Sycho Sid was set to defend his WWF title against The Undertaker in his first Wrestlemania main event.

Both fan favorite giants traded their best shots, but it was a disgusted Bret Hart whose return to ringside proved enough of a distraction to snap Sid’s focus and make him easy prey for a tombstone and another WWF title reign for The Dead Man.

Wrestlemania 14

Wrestlemania 14 - Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold - face offMarch 29, 1998, at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts

After the shocking events in Montreal, D-Generation X was running roughshod over the WWF. Only one man could possibly derail the DX train and following a Royal Rumble victory, Stone Cold received a WWF title match against DX’s leader and centerpiece Shawn Michaels.

In the final passing of the torch between the WWF’s New Generation and Attitude Era, Austin upended HBK with a Stone Cold Stunner to capture his first world title and officially kick of The Austin Era.

The Attitude Era roars on at Wrestlemania 15