Daredevil: Man in the Box review S2, Ep.10

We’ve reached the point in this season of Daredevil where I’m just expecting every episode to be great and something still happens to completely blow me away.

This episode definitely was the scene referenced in the title where Matt confronts the man in the box — Wilson Fisk. After learning Frank was sent to Fisk’s cell block, he quickly connected the dots and wanted Fisk to confess his actions in aiding Frank’s escape. Once some polite back and forth was covered and Fisk was all set to dismiss Matt off — our boy went legally off on Fisk. Matt pledged he would make sure Fisk’s fiance, Vanessa, could never return to the U.S. We’re used to seeing Matt make these kinds of cold blooded threats as Daredevil so for him to do it in his lawyer role was impressive.

daredevil season 2 - man in the box review - matt and fiskFisk quickly reminded Matt why he’s such a threat as he snapped his handcuffs and repeatedly beat Matt’s head against the desk for daring to speak Vanessa’s name. Freely confessing his involvement, Fisk made his own promise — he would destroy Nelson and Murdoch and make The Punisher’s chaotic wave look like an appetizer. It was a spectacular moment and one that appeared to set the stage for a future storyline. Not only has he made an enemy of Fisk as Daredevil, but Matt firmly placed himself in Fisk’s crosshairs in his professional career as well. Fisk wanting to revisit Matt’s case file also proved interesting if it follows the comic book escalation of their rivalry once Kingpin discovers Matt’s identity.

Having two subplots has proven invaluable this season. Just as it appeared the emphasis was shifting towards the Hand and their crazy blood draining and resurrected ninjas, the focus reverts to Frank Castle. Reyes finally admits to being involved in the botched sting operation that left the Castle family dead and the subsequent attempts to cover up her wrongdoing. She’d reached the point where posturing was worthless and she just wanted Nelson and Murdoch’s help to prevent Castle from gunning down her daughter. Before a truce could be finalized, gunfire rained through her office wounding Foggy and killing Reyes. The Punisher revenge tour appeared to be underway.

Karen realized the medical examiner was likely next on the hit list. With Daily Bulletin editor Mitchell in tow, Karen arrived too late. The M.E. was dead and his apartment was littered with heavy gunfire. Karen had a list of other potential victims in her files at home. In a really great moment, Mitchell made sure she had police escort saying he regretted not doing the same for Ben Urich and it would be the only time he’d make that mistake. I really didn’t like killing Ben, but his death really had meaning to the supporting characters.

daredevil season 2 - man in the box review - reyes deadFrank popped up at her place to plead his innocence, but it wasn’t until the same hail fire of bullets riddled through her apartment did Karen believe him. Director¬†Peter Hoar used a really dynamic angle to shoot this scene with the camera appearing to tilt with Karen and Frank.

Elektra was making her way out of New York when she encountered a smooth talking guy at the airport hanger. Proving a little too good to be true, he eventually revealed he was there to kill her. Even though we’ve had some terrific ninja battles the last few episodes, this fight sequence played out very cool. The assassin reached behind his back and I geeked out when he pulled out a pair of sais, which Elektra quickly used to finish him off, but not before learning Stick sent him to kill her.

Matt was busy beating himself up and questioning his methods if all his actions just resulted in a cycle that negated all his actions. Claire did her best to make him leave the pity party. Claire’s connection with Matt is unique in they’ve gotten the obligatory romance out of the way so now she can just talk straight with him in a way no one else is able. Not that her pep talk did much good as Matt still declined to check in on Foggy and keep watch for The Hand’s potential arrival.

His vigilance proved necessary as The Hand started their invasion of Metro General. Stan, The Hand’s account, so happy to be reunited with his son, learned their control is total. Claire returned to check in on the Hand’s unwilling blood donors and found them standing Children of the Corn style over a bleeding out Stan. Claire didn’t need a hint to immediately race out as The Hand began scaling the walls and Daredevil braced for his most important battle yet.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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