Legends of Tomorrow: Progeny review Ep. 10

Legends followed up one of its best efforts with another disappointment. The yo-yo pattern of Season 1 remains consistent at least. Once the show nails down its tone and take on the characters, Legends is going to be really strong. Until then, we’ll have to suffer through the roller coaster ride.

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At the heart of the episode was a very intriguing premise. Rip took the team to 2147 where Vandal Savage was mentoring young Per Degaton, who Rip described as the future counterpart to Hitler. If they acted now, they could kill Per Degaton and save countless millions, but some team members balked at killing someone who’s yet to become the monster they fear.

That’s a pretty high concept for the show, which hasn’t always succeeded in making these more sophisticated and complex plots work. I’m still clueless as to the team’s end game for Savage and the point of these various time travel jaunts beyond the writers’ desire to explore new time periods.

legends of tomorrow progeny review - legends team-minThe problem was not for a minute did anyone’s argument seem convincing enough for Rip to change his plan. I get the show can’t have the heroes killing kids, but it came across far more naive than heroic.

As Per Degaton killed his father in his sleep to ultimately set up his reign of terror, it seemed like Rip and the gang ultimately turned a blind eye to Degaton wiping out entire populations and several more children for their peace of mind.

More than being an expert thief, this was precisely the kind of difficult task no one else wants to do that makes Snart so invaluable. Snart is going to consider the bottom line, act and not feel bad about it the rest of the season.

Of the 8 principal characters on the show Kendra might be the 10th most enjoyable. Instead of following the fallout of her two-year relationship with Ray, she spends the episode shut down as a result of having flashbacks of her life with Carter in 1920. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but the flashback served no real purpose other than make Kendra seem completely useless to the team.

Ray was struggling with his own issues as he learned the Degatons used his ATOM technology to create the Iron Legion an army of automated enforcement drones. I almost have to admire how the writers act like audiences have not seen three Iron Man films and two Avengers movies. If we hadn’t, maybe all these Atom scenes would seem pretty cool, but the show runners are content having him play Iron Man Lite.

Eventually, Ray learned his previously unmentioned brother Sidney was the culprit behind his inventions being used for evil and not Ray’s apparently random hookup in between his rescue from Darhk’s clutches and being plucked from the timestream by Rip. But like Kendra, this was a worthless subplot when the focus should always remain on stopping Vandal Savage.

legends of tomorrow progeny review - per degaton and vandal savage-minAgain, on that front, the show still suffers. Savage doesn’t have some world ending plan or even some cool doomsday weapon. He’s just a regular dude that the writers are trying to cast as a Deathstroke, Zoom, Reverse Flash or Merlyn with none of the actual sense of danger.

After some prodding by Sara, Snart made good with Rory via fistfight. After Rory beat on Snart a bit, he snapped out of his decades long grudge and Time Masters programming to warn the team a group of Hunters is pursuing the team now. If the Hunters are as formidable as Chronos they’ll have no problems.

Next week the team travels back in time to the old frontier and encounters Jonah Hex. If the pattern holds true, that should be a very strong episode. This was another episode that had some interesting concepts, but ultimately couldn’t pay any of them off.

Rating: 5 out of 10