Marvel Legends Mockingbird review – BAF Onslaught wave

When I originally got into Marvel Comics beyond G.I. Joe, I stumbled onto a crossover between the East and West Coast Avengers. I thought it was pretty cool that this squad was so deep they needed a team for each coast. My loyalties were split though based on my prior experience with Secret Wars, but eventually I found the West Coast Avengers more fun. Blame Dr. Druid.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - with Tigra, Iron Man and Hawkeye

Of course a large portion had to do with Hawkeye’s teammates from Iron Man, Wonder Man, Tigra, Moon Knight, Hank Pym and the subject of this review, Mockingbird.

In its long run with the line, Toy Biz never got around to making a figure of Bobbi Morse, which was disappointing as I really wanted to see their take on her nifty arm sleeves. With her status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Agents of SHIELD and the proposed spin-off now was as good a time as any for Hasbro to take a shot at her under the retail friendly Captain America series.  By default, Hasbro’s figure automatically becomes the best Mockingbird figure, but let’s see how she fares with some of the better Hasbro female Legends.

Packaging: While it’s a pretty understated and simple packaging, the figure presentation is always appreciated. No dynamic, plastic-warping poses and wide open tray so the Build-A-Figure parts are clearly visible. Mockingbird shares a package set up with Sharon Carter so she gets one drawing to the package left side and a generic bio write-up on the back. Still, the package is pretty uninspiring and not the most exciting entry in the display for MOC collectors.

Likeness: Although I loved the weirdness of Mockingbird’s costume — the flared sleeves, exposed legs and buccaneer boots, her modern outfit makes more practical sense for a spy. It helps that the update is a solid homage to the original outfit with the black and white color scheme including the white down the middle and the gauntlets. The boots are a fantastic new addition and they look perfect for stomping out Hydra or the Wrecking Crew.


Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - goggles off side

Bobbi continues the trend of terrific head sculpts. This one looks straight out of the sketchbook of Hawkeye and Mockingbird artist David Lopez. Traditionally, Marvel Legends don’t tend to favor one particular artist’s take in the figure, but in this case, that’s a definite plus. Mockingbird has a great neutral expression that still had a lot of character. I could picture her rolling her eyes at something crazy Hawkeye said or getting ready to face off against AIM goons.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - scale with Black Widow, Tigra and Sharon Carter

Scale: Bobbi isn’t a super-powered Avenger so her frame looks about right also aided by the lack of unnecessary wedge heels. She fits right in with the regular guys like Hawkeye and Black Panther and isn’t the tallest female Avenger either.


Paint: Mockingbird’s color scheme would ordinarily lend itself to major frustration trying to find a well painted version, but of the five I’ve seen in stores, they’ve all been consistently sharp beyond some basic nitpicks.

There’s a little stray marks on the bra top and very minor white overspray onto the black. The white paint apps came through strong and there’s no bleeding over of the black, which is especially important with this outfit.  Her line mate, Captain America, wasn’t nearly as fortunate with the coverage of the white paint.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - battle ready

Articulation: Free of awkward heels like Sharon Carter, Mockingbird proves a lot of fun to pose and play around without and not have to worry about her toppling over every five minutes.Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - ready to fight AIM

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (hinge and swivel)
  • wrist (hinge and swivel)
  • torso
  • waist
  • thighs
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - with Iron Man and Tigra fighting Modok and AIM

The trade-off with that great head sculpt though is her side to side articulation isn’t the best only providing a slight pivot thanks to the harder hair plastic. Naturally you’d wish Hasbro used a softer plastic to allow for that terrific likeness and better poseability, but what can you do? Beyond the hair, the figure is one of the more fun female figures to pose.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - articulation movement

Accessories: Though she doesn’t have any powers, Mockingbird doesn’t solely rely on her hands and feet to battle opponents. The figure comes with the same billy club parts from Daredevil. Mockingbird’s staffs should be a little longer. If you happen to have a spare ML Gambit or Moon Knight, cutting their staffs in half would provide the appropriate length.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - batons out

If you want to be generous, Bobbi’s goggles are removable so you could include them as an accessory as well. They look just right for the scale and the translucent effect came off so well you won’t have to worry if Bobbi’s eyes are painted screwy.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - BAF Onslaught pieces

For those interested in building the Red Skull Onslaught Build-A-Figure from the Uncanny Avengers Omnibus storyline, Mockingbird is probably the most crucial as she has the torso and shoulder pads.

Worth it? For the going 6″ rate of $20, Mockingbird feels like a very strong value. I consider the BAF pieces about $6 to $7 of the cost and Bobbi is an excellent $14 figure.

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a great modern update of a fan favorite Avenger. With better head articulation, Mockingbird would have come very close to earning a perfect score.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - West Coast Avengers

Where to get it? Sharon Carter is starting to become easier to find at retail and at Amazon, but Mockingbird is proving more challenging. I’ve seen the wave at both Toys R Us and Wal-Mart, but if you don’t want to wait, grab her from Amazon.

Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure review - with Hawkeye

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