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For most WWE fans who’ve been watching since the New Generation era, the 123 Kid was easily the most relatable. Oh sure, we wished we looked like Lex Luger, British Bulldog or maybe just had a decent physique like Bret Hart, but in reality most of us were definitely on the scrawny side making 123 Kid our wrestling avatar.

WWE 123 Kid figure review - vs Razor Ramon

Following a career-making upset of Razor Ramon, 123 Kid became one of the more beloved members of the good guy side as he valiantly dazzled larger opponents with his educated feet. As part of Elite 41, the second of Sean Waltman’s three famous wrestling personas gets immortalized in figure form as the latest Flashback in Mattel’s WWE line.

Packaging: The Elite packaging is tremendous. I’m a big fan of the colors and brand distinction. The bio card could have a bit more information, but otherwise this is the best mass market packaging job on the pegs these days.

WWE 123 Kid figure review - with Razor RamonLikeness: I’m not seeing much of Waltman’s likeness in the head sculpt. Mattel’s sculptors tried to nail a very specific expression for Kid, but the meaner, focused look doesn’t fit with the Kid’s more ‘just happy to be here’ attitude from that 1993 timeframe. It’s the scowl that’s a misfire as it’s better suited for his heel run.

Once you get past the head though there’s a lot to like about the figure. Mattel appears to have used a smaller less defined torso mold, which is fitting as he was typically vastly undersized compared to his opponents. His legs also have a slighter appearance, which I wished carried over to his arms as well.

WWE 123 Kid figure review - scale with Sid, Bret Hart and Razor RamonScale: Kid is 6′ so he should definitely be looking up at the 6’5″ Razor Ramon and 6’9″ Diesel. Mattel has always done a good job at those obvious height discrepancies, but I was more pleased to find Kid was just a bit shorter than the 6’1″ Bret Hart.

Paint: Mattel paint apps on complicated designs can sometimes be real hit or miss, but my Kid’s complex tight details were exceptional. Even the two different shades of yellow were faithfully captured. In photos the torso and arms show up as a different color, which isn’t something you’d notice without really looking for it.

In further homage to the Hasbro figure, I would have gotten a kick out of Kid’s eyebrows being half-painted.

WWE 123 Kid figure review - kicking IRSArticulation: 1-2-3 Kid was one of those wrestlers that really gets his just due with the Elite articulation scheme. Now you can faithfully capture all of his moves from the spinning leg lariat, moonsault and cannonball.

Kid has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

WWE 123 Kid figure review - diving at Bret HartAccessories: Kid doesn’t have a lot of obvious accessories. Maybe an alternate cloth outfit a la Jack Swagger would have been nice, but it’s hardly something to complain about not being included.

Instead, he gets a world tag team title based on his brief title stint teaming with Marty Jannetty.At first glance, it’s the same title belt we’ve gotten with several figures, but Mattel used a softer material for the leather portion. It’s still not soft enough to allow for the belt to drape over a figure’s shoulder, but it’s getting there.WWE 123 Kid figure review - arm up

Worth it? I’m a big New Generation fan so I was thrilled to see one of the major players from that era get a figure. Kid comes up light (no pun intended) compared to some of the other figures even in this wave. It’s not a gyp to get him for the standard $20, but if you can catch him on a sale it’s a much better bargain.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Iffy headsculpt aside, this is a fantastic version of 1-2-3 Kid. Given the spotty version by Jakks, this is the definitive take on the character and a must-grab for New Generation fans.

WWE 123 Kid figure review - The KliqWhere to get it? Toys R Us has been much better about getting WWE figures before the competition. Target and Wal-Marts in my area haven’t gotten Elite 41 in yet and with Elite 42 pending you may want to start and stop at TRU.

Or you can grab him at Amazon.com here: 123 KID – WWE ELITE 41 MATTEL TOY WRESTLING ACTION FIGURE

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