Agents of SHIELD review: The Team gets rocked S3E17

The much-hyped debut of the Secret Warriors failed to deliver the TV sized Avengers style action viewers expected, but a twist shook the status quo significantly. Although it wasn’t the season’s best outing, it was an effective cliffhanger that definitely sets the stage for a strong follow-up next week.

With Coulson and the regulars in Hydra custody … or occupying the same Quinjet — Daisy called in the Secret Warriors for help. Yo-Yo was working on her English for the next time she saw Mac while Joey was on a date.

The vaunted Secret Warriors just adding two more Inhumans from a regular SHIELD mission felt a little underwhelming, but given the ease of the mission it wasn’t like the SWs needed 6 or 7 members. The quartet quickly made mincemeat out of Hive’s Hydra remnants, abducted Malick, killed Hydra’s version of Hypno Hustler and rescued Coulson’s crew. The problem the show has with the Secret Warriors is Hydra and every other villain of the week is so easily taken out it’s not really worth the trouble. On the bright side, Mac and Yo-Yo had a nice moment with him showing off SHIELD HQ with his newfound mastery of Spanish.

During his interrogation, Malick regretted putting his daughter in harm’s way and for sacrificing his brother. Malick’s motivation in this whole storyline has always felt suspect. As one of the last Hydra survivors it never occurred to him that an evil, all-powerful Inhuman that feeds on sacrifices wasn’t a good guy?

The drug dealer at the liquor store wasn’t a good guy

Like I mentioned last week — I don’t want to feel sorry for Malick. This guy has been an calculated, icy villain with no regrets. And he just got a power suit!

The episode preview kinda spoiled that someone was going to betray the team so once Malick tipped Coulson off that Hive could influence Inhumans it became a matter of which Inhuman do you trust? Naturally everyone began looking real suspicious vanishing at random points, being argumentative and questioning Coulson’s lock down.

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That mistrust also spilled over to the Secret Warriors, who began questioning each others loyalties. That was a bit soon for this splintering and it certainly felt like a subtle Captain America: Civil War tie-in to have the Secret Warriors split down the middle. Also an issue with only four members.

It was perfectly conceivable that any Secret Warrior could be the traitor. Well except for one member. I really hate how Coulson and the non-powered team members have been made increasingly less competent for the Secret Warriors to shine. Why no one mentioned the possibility that Hive infected all four Secret Warriors instead of just settling for one was weird.

For all the Fitz/Simmons fans, the star-crossed lovers finally got in a good, albeit oddly timed, make out session on the couch. This was somewhat of a random episode to pay off that long running subplot.

It appeared Lincoln had been Hive’s puppet and he responded by lashing out at everyone until Daisy took him out with a tremor blast. But it was all a set up. It was Daisy who got infected, sabotaged SHIELD and killed Malick. Now she sought to convince Lincoln to join her, but he refused. Daisy casually strolled out into the hanger and unleashed a series of tremors, which started an earthquake. Daisy isn’t so much about burning brides as she is burying them. Turning the show’s main character into a temporary bad guy is a bold move and I’m intrigued to see how it plays out.

Heel Daisy aligned with Hive, who still has Evil Ward floating around in his head somewhere, should prove a strong 1-2 villain obstacle for SHIELD. Coulson probably should have had some more Secret Warriors on reserve.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC

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