NECA Aliens Sgt. Craig Windrix figure review

As much as I’m eagerly anticipating building a full lineup of Colonial Marines from Aliens, I was perfectly fine getting a Colonial Marine tribute figure.

Sgt. Craig Windrix is based on lead NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix’s brother. Check out the full story in this video.

Craig succumbed to the disease Feb. 6, 2014, but not before seeing his likeness immortalized in action figure form. This was an awesome gesture, but beyond that, the Sgt. Windrix is a great figure and worthy addition to the NECA Alien line ranks.

Packaging: The packaging isn’t going to wow anyone. NECA keeps it simple with a wide open panel window, large portrait on the side and smaller action pics on the other side. The package rear was a little disappointing in this case as it’s just the generic wave write-up instead of a brief explanation on Windrix and his inclusion in the line.

Likeness:  Kyle sculpted the head sculpt for his brother (he’s one of four credited sculptors) and as you’d expect, the likeness is excellent. The expression has a lot of personality and I’m already envisioning how Craig would interact with the other Colonial Marines. Did Apone have him leading missions alongside Hicks? Was he the super intense soldier that Vasquez and Drake admired? That’s part of the fun of incorporating a new character into the established mythos. He can fit in however you like.

For the most part, this is the standard Colonial Marine outfit although Windrix has long sleeves compared to Hudson and Hicks’ short sleeves. That’s a nice, subtle switch as it helps differentiate Windrix from the previous figures.

Windrix comes with the standard body armor, but his has seen better days as the left shoulder is riddled with bullet holes, which were sculpted not simple paint detail. The web gear looks like an original 12 G.I. Joe: A Real American hero figure. I love all the intricate details even if it’s non-removable including the knife and ammo packs.

Alien Warrior Aliens Sixth Scale Figure

Paint: NECA’s paintwork from the neck down is almost always impeccable. The camouflage is some of the best I’ve seen in any scale and doesn’t just look like a hodgepodge of colors sloppily thrown together.

It’s always best if you can help it to be able to check out a NECA human figure in person. As great as 99% of the paintjob is the eyes tend to be a real crapshoot and it’s amazing how much two small dots can impact the overall feel of the figure. My figure’s eye paint slightly extends beyond the eyes giving him a super intense look.

NECA Aliens Sgt Craig Windrix figure -wide frontal

Scale: Like the other Colonial Marines, Windrix is a regular male sized height and he fits in just fine with Hicks and Hudson, which makes sense as they share a main base body.  

NECA Aliens Sgt Craig Windrix figure -with Hicks and Hudson

Articulation: Windrix sports the common fairly generous articulation for the line. Keep in mind NECA isn’t trying to compete with the likes of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends or Mattel’s DC Universe lines and are more focused on functional movement. That said, he’s still got enough to make for some dynamic posing and Alien roasting.

Windrix has neck, ball-jointed shoulders, elbow, wrist, waist, hips, knee and foot articulation. Windrix can strike a seated pose, which is making me clamor all the more for a ridiculously overpriced Colonial Marines APC.

Accessories: Windrix isn’t showing up to the party empty-handed. He comes with the shoulder camera and motion tracker we’ve previously seen with Hudson, but he’s also got a new accessory – a flame thrower, perfect for roasting pesky Xenomorphs. The flame thrower is a nice size with impressive detailing.

NECA Aliens Sgt Craig Windrix figure -facing an alienThe body armor is a snug fit on my figure and the hole to attach the shoulder camera peg wasn’t easy to spot. I tried a little prodding and fiddling, but it wasn’t budging so my Windrix may never rock his shoulder camera. Just a bit frustrating.

Worth it? Unlike some of his other line mates, Windrix still goes for a reasonable price. You can track him down for $18. That’s a pretty strong value for a well-articulated 7” figure with a decent set of accessories.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Beyond being an incredibly cool gesture, Windrix is a very well done figure. Although he’s not part of ‘official’ Aliens cannon, I highly recommend him for any Aliens fan.

NECA Aliens Sgt Craig Windrix figure -Polaroid with Hicks and HudsonWhere to get it? Amazon has Windrix now for $17.95. Stores like FYE typically carry the line so that’d be a good bet as well as your local comic book store.

As AlienDay approaches, I’ll be continuing my rollout of Aliens figure reviews so be on the lookout in the coming days.

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