Trish Stratus, Lita, Jim Ross, Triple H honor Chyna

Of the numerous wrestling deaths that have occurred over the past few years Chyna’s isn’t the most surprising, but for for some unexpected reason, I’m pretty sad about it.

I’d always considered Chyna’s career downfall to be one of the more tragic since I began following wrestling in 1984. Just imagine how gut-wrenchingly painful it’d be to see your ex alongside the woman he left you for practically in charge of the industry leader. Sure, you could dabble in other promotions, but you could never return home.

Unlike guys like Bruno Sammartino, Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, WWE redemption didn’t seem likely for Chyna. There was never going to be some great reconciliation, Legends deal and tribute honoring her career as the original women’s trailblazer for the modern WWE. Nope, she would forever be cast aside as an unwelcome outcast.

The life of a pro wrestler seems incredibly hard, but Chyna seemed disinterested in hiding her skeletons. It might be more shocking she survived until 45.

I’m almost hoping WWE doesn’t attempt some insincere make good tribute complete with posthumous Hall of Fame induction for her. If anything, hopefully Chyna’s death will remind the higher ups in WWE that life is way too short to hold on to petty grudges and that the men and women who gave so much of their lives to build this brand should be honored and celebrated while they’re still with us.

As usual, the wrestling community had some poignant and sweet tributes to their co-worker/peer/inspiration:

Sorry to hear about the passing of #JoanieLaurer. We didn't always see eye to eye, but we had a lot of fun.

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