Daredevil: A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen review S2,Ep.13

Even stretched out the final episode of a Daredevil season is a bummer. Clearly, my appetite for ninja fights, gun-toting vigilantes and smart conversations about journalism is insatiable.

With everything that already occurred, the finale couldn’t quite match some of the season’s standout episodes, but it was a strong conclusion that certainly didn’t limp across the finish line.

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After getting some new equipment from Melvin Potter — Daredevil and Elektra paid Melvin a visit and he gifted Daredevil with a comic accurate billy club complete with grapple feature. Elektra got Version 2 of her costume. While it doesn’t need to be like her comic appearance, I was hoping for more red and less black with red accents. Maybe next season?

Following the equipment upgrade, it was time to confront Nobu and The Hand. Nobu wasn’t waiting around though as he kidnapped all the people Daredevil saved and was using them as bait to draw the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in. Poor Turk nearly got the Saw treatment on his leg before Daredevil came crashing through.

That rooftop final battle was outstanding specifically when Daredevil and Elektra went all Ken and Ryu on Nobu. The fight choreography has been exceptional all season and while this wasn’t shot with any fancy camera tricks, the impact and brutality more than made up for its lack of style points.

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Given the nature of the character and her agreeing to run away with Matt if they managed to defeat Nobu and The Hand, Elektra’s odds of surviving were pretty slim. With no Bullseye around — probably No. 1 on my Season 3 wishlist — Nobu using Elektra’s sai to inadvertently kill her worked in the context of the series.

Considering his major role throughout the season, Punisher had essentially a guest appearance here. Finally returning to the family house, we got a nice Easter Egg as Frank smashed a picture with his fellow soldiers to reveal a CD with Micro written on it. No doubt a nod to Punisher’s ally Microchip, it’ll be interesting if we ever see that paid off. That Punisher series isn’t going to get binged without an official announcement guys.

It was more than a little disappointing that Punisher’s big cavalry arrival was only good for killing 4-5 Hand ninjas since he could have emptied more than a few clips and really made an impact on the battle had he arrived a bit earlier. And I kinda was hoping for more of a moment between Daredevil and Punisher since their interactions had been so strong all season. It’s safe to assume Punisher knows Daredevil is Matt Murdoch, yes?

daredevil - cold day in hell's kitchen - stick-minNobu surviving his fall wasn’t a surprise — that was nothing compared to being burned alive — but Stick arriving to decapitate him certainly was unexpected.

Continuing a seasonlong theme, the quieter, more personal moments were a definite highlight. Matt and Stick chatting at Elektra’s grave site was Karen and Mitchell discussing her writer’s block was another winner and there was a fitting bit of poignancy in Foggy settling the Nelson and Murdoch tab at Josie’s.

And major props for the showrunners for not spoiling Hogarth’s appearance by listing Carrie Anne Moss in the credits. That was a nice surprise cameo as Hogarth recruited Foggy to join her firm. Considering the last time we saw Hogarth her life was in shambles, it was cool to see her back in her world. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Matt revealing his secret identity to Karen as her discovering that on her own in homage to Ben Urich could have made for a great Season 3 subplot.

As expected, Elektra’s death doesn’t appear to be permanent as the episode ends with Elektra in The Hand’s custody and placed in that special coffin draped in a more comic fitting red cloth. Although technically if this payoff stays consistent with the Fall From Grace storyline, Elektra should have been covered in white.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Just like the first season, Daredevil remains wildly entertaining and immensely satisfying. On a whole, the multiple story arcs, skillful juggling of three heroes without sacrificing the compelling supporting cast and creative action sequences made this a superior sophomore season. Can’t wait to see where Season 3 takes the series.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix