Micheal Keaton flies off from Spider-man: Homecoming

While Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming is pretty big news, I’m more bummed that Michael Keaton won’t be a part of the film now.

iron man and iron spider-man-minWith his talent and experience already in the superhero movie department, I was looking forward to seeing what he’d bring to the fold as the lead villain battling Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. But apparently according to Deadline, Keaton won’t be joining the cast after all.

That’s a real shame as Keaton can play a charismatic zany or shrewd character and adding him to the fold would have been a real coup for the Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures project.

Given the way Warner Bros. Pictures has been stocking its roster of talent for the DC Comics movie slate, it wouldn’t be all that shocking to hear Keaton signed on to play a significant role in either of the two Justice League movies or the standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie. I admit that particular pairing has me intrigued. Keaton would make for a pretty spectacular Riddler now I give that even just some quick thought.

Instead, we’ll just have to settle for Downey Jr. likely giving Spider-Man some assistance in the July 2017 film. I’m curious if this will mark the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Iron Spidey or if Stark will be suiting up once again as Iron Man.

I kinda worry Downey’s Iron Man would upstage Spider-Man, but I guess we’ll have a better sense of how that dynamic plays out after Captain America: Civil War. Is anyone else thinking it’s taking an incredibly long time until May or is it just me?

What do you think? Is this an actual loss for Spider-Man: Homecoming or does Downey signing on completely cancel that out?

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