Pamela Anderson joining Baywatch movie

Sure, the Baywatch movie is probably going to be every bit as fluff-filled as its TV inspiration, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be heavily anticipated what with Dwayne Johnson’s latest Instagram reveal of his newest cast member.

Yep, the original Baywatch Babe herself is back. This will be Anderson’s most high profile film role since 2008’s Superhero Movie when she played a sizzling version of the Invisible Girl. pamela anderson superhero movie

Considering Anderson hasn’t suited up in her iconic red bathing suit since 1997, a good portion of the target demographic probably never saw her in action. Here’s why tons of guys were watching a show about lifeguards and David Hasselhoff in the mid-90s.

Anderson was THE sex symbol of the 90s, which is obvious from these pics.

Pamela-Anderson-hot-white top

If the film really wants to bring in that nostalgia fanbase and a major male contingent, the producers probably ought to consider giving Carmen Electra a call as well.

pamela anderson and carmen electra baywatch

Electra proved just a few years ago on the Today Show she definitely can still rock the outfit.

carmen electra baywatch 2013 today show

Not that Johnson was lacking in the eye candy department before as he shared this post with some of his co-stars.


Baywatch - Dwayne Johnson, Izabel Goulart, Charlotte McKinney and Belinda

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