Marvel Legends Cottonmouth review – BAF Onslaught wave

We’re definitely in an unprecedented era of Marvel Legends collecting. Hasbro has managed to perfect the movie/comic book formula where Marvel’s C and D List characters are being worked into waves spotlighting characters prominently featured in

Today’s review features a character I never dreamed we’d see in the Marvel Legends line. Cottonmouth is a member of the Serpent Society, a collective of various snake-theme villains. Considering the toy-etic nature of the Society and the depths Hasbro is willing to go with the line I wouldn’t be shocked to see more of Cottonmouth’s comrades eventually join our collection, which would be amazing.

Packaging: Earlier I mentioned Hasbro has become adept at selling Marvel Legends waves to coincide with Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which is why it’s Captain America that’s prominently featured on the front package and not Cottonmouth. You’d have to go to the rear to figure out his name.


Clearly Hasbro isn’t bothering with the illusion that little kids are clamoring for a Cottonmouth figure and expect collectors to grab him. That also might go a long way to explaining the generic bio that works just as well for Cottonmouth’s package mate Whirlwind, but I really would love just some minor personalization beyond the side portrait.

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - wide shotLikeness: Cottonmouth is a pretty plain villain. The bulk of the work here is done on the headsculpt, which features a great sinister expression — you won’t mistake him for a hero — and his Serpentor style cowl.

The comic attire has been inconsistent in its portrayal as like Captain America, sometimes it’s just spandex and others it’s a scaly material. For simplicity’s sake, I’m fine with the spandex take on the costume. This isn’t an A-Lister after all.

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - close upTo help convey the whole snake vibe, Cottonmouth gets the grabby outstretched fingers hand sculpts.

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - scale Giant Man, Captain America and She-HulkScale: As with many comic characters, Cottonmouth’s scale varies depending on the artist. That said, I like the thicker Grim Reaper body for villains as it’s not too hulking like the Wrecking Crew, but still makes them look formidable.

Paint: For a mass market figure, the paint is about right. The darker royal purple is nice and vibrant, which is always welcome. I was impressed by Cottonmouth’s accent colors since white and yellow are notoriously hard to get right on figures especially this line without numerous amounts of fading and paint bleeding. The yellow is sharp and mostly consistent throughout the figure. The white ‘mouth’ portion along the torso is better than a lot of white paint applications.

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - headsculpt close upThe sloppiest portion of the painting is on the cowl’s teeth, but that’s the kind of small detail I can ignore given the quality of the rest of the figure.


Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - fighting Black KnightArticulation: It’s not surprising considering the excellent Marvel Legends body sculpt, but there’s a lot of fun poses you can achieve with Cottonmouth. That really aids in his particular play/display value as you can strike a number of dynamic snake-esques poses.


Cottonmouth has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (hinge and swivel)
  • wrist (hinge and swivel)
  • torso
  • waist
  • thighs
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - crouching

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - in trayAccessories: Compared to some of the other figures in this wave, Cottonmouth comes up real short on this front as he doesn’t have anything. That’s not a knock on him as he’s not a character that really needs an accessory. For those interested in building the Red Skull Onslaught Build-A-Figure from the Uncanny Avengers Omnibus storyline, Cottonmouth comes with Onslaught’s right arm.

Worth it? For the going 6″ rate, Cottonmouth doesn’t quite feel worth the same $20 you’re paying for Captain America or Mockingbird. That said, he’s a character in another era would be a mail-in exclusive so it’s amazing we have him in the first place. Wal-Mart had this wave on sale for $16 and at that price, you’re getting a perfect value for the figure and BAF piece.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Universe villain building excitement aside, Cottonmouth is another solid entrant in what’s been a very strong Marvel Legends series.

Marvel Legends Cottonmouth figure - main wide shotWhere to get it? Both Toys R Us and Wal-Mart frequently have Cottonmouth. currently has him for that killer price of $15.83.

I’ve just about wrapped up the Onslaught wave. So far I’ve done Captain America, Mockingbird and  Sharon Carter.

And because we can never get enough of it, here’s that Civil War trailer again: