WWE Lita figure review – Mattel Elite Series 41

WWE is falling all over themselves trying to make the Divas Revolution seem like an unprecedented event. In reality, the WWE Women’s Division having show-stealing matches with Hall of Famers battling each other on a weekly basis is nothing new. Back in the hallowed Attitude Era, WWE boasted its most impressive roster of female talent and they delivered every Monday Night RAW, Smackdown and the monthly pay per views.

Right at the forefront was Lita, the female member of Team Extreme alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy. With her risky, daredevil style, Lita quickly became a major fan favorite rivaling and at times eclipsing her buddies. My biggest gripe with the exceptional Elite 41 Lita figure is she motivated me to finally get the Trish Stratus figure.

Packaging: I’ll keep saying it. The Elite packaging is my current favorite of any line. It’s colorful, shows off the figure and accessories well without any bothersome plastic ties. Lita’s packaging was a bit different from most Flashback figures as it had the current logo and not the legends or scratch logo. Additionally it lacked the brand distinction we’ve come to expect from the line. Her wave mate 123 Kid did have the more regular packaging so I’m not quite sure why the switch here unless Lita or WWE didn’t want her being given the Divas tab.

The back of the package looked especially bare with the absence of a decent bio and it really fails to adequately explain what made Lita such a major crossover star in the WWE. She was one of the few women to main event RAW and even in the Divas Revolution Era that still hasn’t been done.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -with white topLikeness: Mattel’s head sculpts have been getting a little softer lately with the likenesses to the WWE stars off more often than not. Lita thankfully reverses the trend with a terrific sculpt that really captures how she looks right down to the high cheekbones. The hair sculpt is also especially well done for this scale.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -scale with Bayley and Jakks Trish StratusScale: Lita is 5’6″ making her a bit taller than Trish Stratus at 5’4″. I haven’t gotten the Mattel version Trish yet, but Lita is slightly taller than the 5’6″ Bayley.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -tattoo detailPaint: Lita was one of those characters I figured Mattel would have to take a few shortcuts specifically with her not so PG thong showing. But it’s actually surprisingly there and the figure is packaged with her sports bra showing as well. That’s Lita’s look so I appreciate Mattel not going some pandering direction for overly sensitive parents.

Lita was rocking arm tattoos long before it became en vogue and her shoulder tattoo is nicely detailed with a solid paint job.

Mattel rarely does paint washes in the hair. Adding that would have added another layer of authenticity to Lita who always had more of a dirty red look to her hair. The pink buckles on her pants aren’t quite as sharp as I’d like as the black fades through, but that’s an extra paint application so I’m glad it was at least covered in the first place.

Articulation: Lita’s unique lower half makes her better suited to hit her trademark moves than a regular Diva figure.WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -ready for action

Lita has:

    • neck
    • ball-jointed shoulders
    • bicep
    • elbow
    • wrist
    • wrist hinge
    • waist
    • hip (hinge)
    • thigh
    • knee
    • ankle

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -victory pose

There wasn’t a moonsault, huricarana or Twist of Fate I couldn’t accomplish with Lita thanks to the wider range of motion from the baggy pants mold.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -handshake with BayleyLita’s biggest issue on this category is the something familiar to Divas collectors. My hatred for the pimp hand left hand will never die. Maybe that was excusable when Mattel wasn’t making too many Diva figures, but with one in just about every wave now it’s time to just use a new mold for the left hand.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -white shirt backAccessories: In her Team Extreme days, Lita would often mimic the Hardys by taking off her mesh shirt to indicate she was really serious and ready for business. While there was some initial online chatter about Mattel going the easier route and painting one of her crop top shirts, Lita got the full Elite treatment with two shirts — one mesh and another white wraparound.

I’m always a big fan of getting two wardrobe options especially when it covers the two distinct look of that respective character for that specific era. I wouldn’t turn down a Rated R version either.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -with Jakks Lita figures

Worth it? Most Divas figures are Basics so you’re paying twice as much for Lita, but her accessories, unique mold and enhanced articulation definitely make the price worthwhile.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Lita is the rare Divas figure to almost make me overlook the silly left hand mold. This is an exceptional figure of one of the Attitude Era’s most beloved stars and Mattel did her right.

WWE Elite 41 Lita figure -arm up

Where to get it? Lita can be found everywhere WWE figures are sold. I found mine at Toys R Us, which seems to be getting Elite 41 in first. Eventually you can find her at Target, Gamestop and Wal-Mart. Otherwise, grab her from Amazon.com here.

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