Fear the Walking Dead: Ouroboros review S2 Ep3

Just imagine how different Fear the Walking Dead would be if the characters didn’t continue to be as brain dead as the walkers. At this rate, I’m rooting more the walkers than our bumbling squad of inept characters.

While going up against the season premiere of Game of Thrones seems tantamount to ratings suicide for the next 10 weeks, FTWD deserves some credit for at least remaining consistent. If viewers can only choose one of the two to watch live it’s definitely not much of a competition.

This week kicked off promising with a Lost season 2 homage checking in on the passengers from the mini-series Flight 462 after their plane crash landed. Alex and a few survivors were on a life raft discussing supplies and the health of Jake, whose burns would indicate he won’t last too long out on the ocean. It was a serious indictment on the regular FTWD characters that Alex and company’s plight was immediately more engaging. Sadly, Alex and company’s exploits were shelved for most of the episode as we turned to Travis’ crew.

An interesting subplot developed with the yacht’s filtration system getting gummed up by walker parts. That’s a different plight than Rick’s ever dealt with and it led to several fairly disgusting moments with Travis unclogging the system. Boat maintenance is no fun when walkers are involved.

Fear-the-Walking-Dead-Ouroboros-chris and aliciaNaturally things veered off course when Alicia spotted wreckage and luggage along a nearby shoreline. Daniel offered to take Nick, Alicia and Chris to shore and make a supply run. Typically one of the more reliable sensible members of the cast alongside Strand, Daniel made a number of questionable moves this week.

First, he insists on keeping Ofelia’s infected wound a secret coming up with some paranoid excuse that Madison would look out for Alicia instead of Ofelia. Secondly, he ratted Strand’s plan to go to Mexico out to Madison. Strand is clearly shady, but he hasn’t given the group enough reason to be so distrustful. Madison, finally showing some semblance of sense, agrees to Strand’s new course while threatening him if he crosses her family. Big talk Madison…

Daniel’s final screwup was thinking it was a good idea to let Chris come along. Like Denise, Chris has a major deathwish, but his clueless behavior is clearly going to get someone else killed.

Chris wandered off because getting necessary supplies was too much like being an actual contributor to the group and found another section of the plane. That forced Daniel to go after him leaving Nick to check out a pit where crabs were nibbling on a trapped walker. Of course, Nick needed to get thisclose to the edge and fell in. There’s been very few instances of genuine danger the characters haven’t willingly placed themselves in and this was another major eye-rolling moment.

Fear-the-Walking-Dead-Ouroboros-nickInstead of finding Chris, Daniel spots Alex running over and warning that the walkers are coming. With an endless amount slowly making their way over the hill, Daniel calmly decides to wait on them and begins picking off a few with his handgun and quickly wasting all his bullets.

Chris and Alicia come to Daniel and Alex’s aid, but soon get overrun. Since it’s too early to lose a major cast member, the walkers politely come one at a time allowing Daniel and the twits — including a walker blood covered Nick — to escape.

But as they arrive back to the boat, Strand sees they’ve got some new arrivals — Alex and Jake in the life raft behind them. Strand is adamant about no more passengers. It’s intended to make Strand come across like the bad guy, but it’s hard to fault his logic here. Jake is clearly one foot in the grave and why should they trust Alex? So while the others are content to let Alex and Jake get towed along in their raft, Strand returns and cuts their cord. A ‘villain’ move to be sure, but it’ll help keep everyone else alive.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Moderately better than the first two weeks, the characters had action come to them instead of actively seeking it out, but the idiotic moves continue to hold the show back.