Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gets big update

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes easily could have been a quick cash grab to take advantage of the excitement and hype of Star Wars: Force Awakens, but instead it’s a pretty fun strategic mobile game.

EA revealed some exciting news as the game is getting a monster upgrade with several new features including a battle with the infamous Rancor from Star Wars: Episode VII – Return of the Jedi.

Building on player demand, the new update will allow players to team up in Guilds, discuss strategy via real-time chat and take on some of the Star Wars saga’s most sinister characters.

The new update includes:


  • Guilds are unlocked when players reach level 22. To join a Guild, players can search for a friend, explore recommended Guilds, or create their own.
  • New chat functionality lets players connect and strategize with Guild mates in real time.
  • Guild activities provide ongoing challenges to inspire competition and cooperation with Guild mates for epic gear and rewards.
  • A deep set of Guild management tools allow Guild leaders to customize a logo, make their Guild public or private, promote officers, manage membership, and more.


  • Players can go deep into The Pit, the first in a series of multi-tier Raids that will grow over time. The Pit challenges Guilds to square off against a ferocious rancor, with multiple difficulty levels and a variety of rewards for players from levels 22 to 80.
  • Raid leaderboards let players keep tabs on who’s ahead and who’s behind in the race to be the best and wealthiest in the Cantina.

Earn New Characters

  • Han Solo (Rancor Raid)- Rebel Scoundrel Attacker who always shoots first. Han gets a free attack at the beginning of the battle, allowing the player to start with a substantial advantage.
  • Gamorrean Guard (Guild Store)- These powerful warriors use Taunts and Counters with multiple Damage Over Time effects.
  • Jawa Engineer (Guild Store)- High-speed Jawa Healer with a critical chance buff that supports both Jawas and Droids—teams that have, until now, not had a healer of their own.    

Photo Credit: EA Sports