Aliens Ellen Ripley figure review – NECA

You can have your Katniss, your Tris and your Bella. I’ll always be a Ripley guy. Long before it became en vogue for a female to headline an action movie Sigourney Weaver was doing it in two of the best sci-fi films of this generation. It’s really a matter of preference if you veer toward the more horror thriller style of Alien or James Cameron’s epic action extravaganza. The sequel gets the nod for me due to Ripley being a complete and utter bad a$$ and the inclusion of the Colonial Marines.

Getting Sigourney Weaver to sign off on her likeness isn’t the easiest task so when NECA announced they’d gotten Weaver’s approval, it was a small coup for the company and for Aliens collectors. Let’s face it. Having an Aliens line with Hicks, Hudson and Bishop was nice and all, but Ripley was going to be very noticeable in her absence.

Packaging: The packaging isn’t going to wow anyone. NECA keeps it simple with a wide open panel window, large portrait on the side and smaller action pics on the other side.

NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - shadowed RipleyLikeness:  NECA’s sculptors continue to do phenomenal work bringing the cast to figure form. There hasn’t been a bad one in the series and Ripley doesn’t break the streak. There’s no doubt this is Sigourney Weaver and it’s an exceptional likeness.

Ripley, of course, wasn’t wearing the traditional Colonial Marines outfit since she was just accompanying the mission as an advisor.

The figure represents Ripley at the final battle so she’s already ditched her leather jacket and jumpsuit top. NECA packs a ton of small details into the figure from the stitching and zippers of the jumpsuit pants, her watch and those amazing space age shoes.

Paint: Eye work remains the Achilles’ heel of NECA’s otherwise fantastic paintwork. Ripley’s eyes are painted oh so slightly off center, but it gives the appearance that she’s checking out something to her left. Maybe it’s Captain America?

From the reference pictures Ripley’s pants probably should be slightly lighter, but it’s a minor quibble as the grime, sweat and Alien gunk is generously distributed throughout the figure. NECA’s painters smartly didn’t go overboard with the effect and it’s just right.

As usual for NECA figures, be prepared for some paint chipping and flaking while you first start fiddling with the figure. While it’s an issue I’d love for them to find a better solution for, it’s not a major problem either.

NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - scale with Hicks, Bishop and Hudson

Scale: In this 7″ scale line, Ripley clocks in right around the same height as the males. That’s accurate as the 5’11” Weaver wasn’t noticeably shorter than the 6′ Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn.   

Articulation: Ripley has neck, ball-jointed shoulders, elbow, wrist, waist, hips, knees and ankles. NECA isn’t trying to make Marvel Legends, but the articulation covers all the essential points so you won’t be limited in terms of posing. Given the scale, the articulation feels about right as the figure maintains a strong base without concern over wilting joints preventing Ripley from standing upright or keeping a pose.NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - with Windrix and Bishop

Ripley’s lower half is styled similar to Bishop with the more flexible plastic crotch piece. In addition to aiding the baggy pants look, it allows Ripley to sit a little easier. Unlike Bishop, Ripley has a bit more give with her waist so she can turn to the side.

Accessories: Ripley comes with her mega Alien death dealing combo flamethrower/machine gun. The weapon looks tremendous and it has a darker, more complex paint job. It has a strap that fits easily enough around Ripley’s neck. I wish that material was a little less rigid as it has that stuck in the air look when it’s not on Ripley.

NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - bandolierAdditionally, Ripley has an ammo bandolier. It fits well and can be positioned on either of Ripley’s shoulders depending on your preference. I haven’t seen a lot of NECA figures to get a sense of removable goods, but giving Ripley her leather jacket would have been a nice add-on seeing as she wore it for most of the movie.

Worth it? If you can only get one figure from the entire saga the main character clearly has to be the top choice.

That’s the mindset for most collectors so Ripley is one of the more expensive figures on the secondary market for the line. Expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $60 for her. You’re not going to regret it, but sticker shock is real in this case.NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - with Hudson, Bishop, Hicks and Windrix

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The eye paint holds the figure back from a perfect score. Otherwise, this is a terrific likeness with strong articulation and a must have for every Aliens collection.

NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley figure - carrying Hicks

Where to get it? Maybe if you’re lucky some all but abandoned FYE will have her in stock. For most folks though the best bet at this point is