Lucha Underground Season 2 stars that need figures

Lucha Underground Season 2 is well underway and once again the promotion is delivering the most exciting wrestling action on a weekly basis. I appreciate the other promotions, but they’re largely the appetizers for Lucha Underground. Thankfully the season hasn’t hit a sophomore slump with new stars challenging for the top spots while the established stars aren’t in any hurry to lose their position.

And with the new arrivals and old favorites, I’ve got a new list of must get figures from Season 2.


Lucha Underground - Dragon Azteca JrEl Dragon Azteca Jr.

Clearly being positioned as the eventual breathtaking risk-taking successor to Prince Puma, El Dragon Azteca Jr. is a crowd-pleaser whose heights are just beginning to be reached.

As always with every luchadore who rocks one even once during the season, getting DA’s dragon cowl is a must, but including his hooded sweatshirt would also be a nice addition for his non-wrestling moments in the locker room.


For the first half of the season Catrina served as The Boss at the Temple gloating as Mil Muertes decimated one opponent after another as the LU champion. Catrina narrowly missed the cut last time, but she has been an even bigger player in Season 2 and definitely warrants a figure now. Naturally she needs her power stone to reanimate Mil Muertes and to seal the deal, include Muertes’ wicked throne as a deluxe accessory.

The Disciples of Death

While their numbers might have dramatically decreased mid-season, getting a three-pack of Catrina’s disciples and Mil Muertes’ henchmen Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte, Trece would make for a pretty awesome pack.

The Disciples would need to come packed with their robes and as an added bonus, add in their original white skeleton masks as a reminder of the days when they were less distinct with their appearance.

Joey Ryan  lucha underground -joey ryan

Joey might not be the biggest player in LU this season, but there is something absolutely undeniable about his sleazy 1980s police officer persona that’s been a lot of fun. Naturally his figure has to come with a white leather jacket, a bottle of baby oil and his ever present lollipop.


lucha underground - johnny mundo and tayaThis season’s new luchadore primarily battles men as she’s closely aligned herself with Johnny Mundo. Taya offers a lot of cool accessory options from her removable fur coat to detailed furry boot covers. Just make sure the best abs in the business are well defined.

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