Agents of SHIELD: The Singularity review S3, E18

I’m still amazed we live in a world where the Kree are showing up on a network TV show. The tease of SHIELD battling the Kree next week was an incredibly bonkers preview, which was good as there wasn’t a whole lot to be blown away with this week.

Hive added to his ranks with Alisha the Inhuman version of Multiple Man and Lincoln’s ex-associate James, who’s given Gambit-like ability to make objects ignite. X-Men? Never heard of ’em. Hive is having better luck assembling his team than the Secret Warriors as Joey and Yo-Yo ditched the team again.

It definitely feels like the writers want to keep Coulson’s team in the underdog role, which would be significantly harder with three super-powered Inhumans on his side. With the news that the Inhumans movie is off the Disney/Marvel schedule, it’ll be interesting to see if the AOS keeps its Inhumans focus come next year. I’m definitely pulling for a shift in focus as it seems like we’re nearing the end of viable directions to go with that direction once the Kree card is pulled.

Forced to go old school, Coulson sends Fitz, Simmons and Mack to retrieve Holden Radcliffe, a geneticist known for dealing with parasites hoping he could help Daisy. Lincoln joined May and Coulson in tracking Alisha, who they didn’t realize was already under Hive’s control. You’d figure keeping the Inhuman who could multiply under constant surveillance the second they learned about Hive would’ve been an immediate priority for Coulson. And with the team so understaffed would it really be that hard for Coulson to have Hunter and Bobbi return to help with a shave, dye job or actual costumes to hide their identities?

Coulson is really treating Lincoln like that loser guy his daughter brings home and he’s convinced isn’t good enough for her. It’s an odd dynamic since Lincoln is pretty much exactly how Hunter was with the team and Coulson gave him a lot more leeway, trust and respect. May and Lincoln both called Coulson out on it, but in the end, he still feels obligated to his surrogate daughter. That dynamic has always felt a little forced as Coulson was treating her like that almost from the start of the season. Presumably this bond will be further tested when Coulson meets the Hive influenced Daisy, but it certainly seems like like some major foreshadowing that Coulson will have to pull her from the brink.

agents of shield - the singularity -simmons and fitz

Hopefully Talbot’s mission to bomb HYDRA was a red herring as an off camera destruction marking the end of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s once great rival just didn’t seem right. Alexander Pierce would be rolling in his grave.

Hive and Daisy crashed Fitz and Simmons’ mission and ran off with Radcliffe. Hive speaking to Simmons as both Ward and Will was weird as it was hard to imagine her being so emotionally conflicted after constantly trying to get it on with Fitz throughout the episode. Daisy’s confrontation with Fitz was more compelling. Hive’s influence makes his victims feel good about being used and Daisy was giving Fitz the company line while warning him that a S.H.I.E.L.D. member was going to die.

Given the incredibly slow burn of the Fitz/Simmons romantic relationship it’s odd it feels so forced at this stage in the season. True, in their line of work it’s hard to imagine a good time, but nearly getting killed by Daisy didn’t seem like the ideal setup for the much anticipated Fitz/Simmons hook up.

Hive and his Inhuman posse now have control of a town and Hive wants Radcliffe to turn the townsfolk into his personal Inhuman breeding ground. That sounds like a bad bit of business for Coulson and crew. Maybe Joey and Yo-Yo’s schedule will be freed up next week to lend an assist?

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

This week was about laying more groundwork for the final confrontation with Hive and S.H.I.E.L.D. and that would be great if Hive was even remotely as interesting a main villain.

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