Legends of Tomorrow – Leviathan S1, Ep. 13

Clearly it’s best not to go into any Legends episode with expectations. The Vandal Savage episodes have tended to be duds, but Leviathan was one of the series’ most exciting and enjoyable episodes.

Even if the episode just featured that tremendously big screen worthy giant Atom vs Leviathan battle, this was Legends exceeding its potential. Every episode still won’t work, but the good ones have definitely gotten better.

If The Pilgrim kicked off The Terminator homage, this was equal parts Judgment Day, Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation. The team partnered with the undermanned resistance force battling Savage’s armies and his secret weapon.

For the first time since the show started, Savage felt like a legitimate big boss worthy adversary.

Killer, Klepto and Pyro sounds like an awesome band name. As usual, Rip proves a terrible strategist having the team infiltrate Savage’s pep rally while being the only ones without the matching helmets. It’s obvious why Rip needed the rest of the team as they constantly have to overcome his incompetence.
The episode was aided immensely by better characterization of the team. Ray was treated more seriously and everyone else ‘stayed in their lanes.’ That allowed Snart and Rory to bring more organic humor that worked in the end of the world context. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell killed it this episode.

Jessica Sipos made a strong impression as Savage’s daughter, Cassandra. Snart took an immediate interest and began revealing her father’s true nature.

While killing Hawkman proved to be a great surprise and established that no one was safe, it crippled Kendra as a character. She’s alternated between going through the relationship motions with Ray and pining for Hawkman the next scene. The biggest problem is neither relationship has been developed enough for us to invest in Kendra finding happiness with either one.

At least Hawkgirl got to get in some serious mace smashing action. Hawkman being one of Savage’s personal guard was a stretch since the whole curse suggested Carter and Kendra would always recognize Savage.

That issue was further compounded by Hawkgirl’s reluctance to kill Savage once he revealed only he could restore his memories. Clearly Savage won’t get killed, but I hated that Kendra’s lack of action was solely based on this weakly defined connection to Carter.

This sets up a very interesting final story arc and the dynamics of the team will certainly be strained by Kendra’s decision.

Rating: 9 out of 1o